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  2. Yepper, me neither.
  3. Lets see who can guess the most day 3 picks. Currently we have six so name which six you think This much who ou want but who they want. Winner will be determined by the following scoring method Player picked outside of.selected round - (1 pt) Player picked in correct round- (2 pts) Player picked in correct selection ex @117 (3 pts) * if a selection is traded but that team selects a players chosen pick, said player will.still receive 3 points. I hold my selections until I see if anyones interested in playing.
  4. Yeah I heard that Julio guy is good.
  5. I am thinking due to previously unpaid tickets.
  6. Well let my meaning be clear. You are part of the problem
  7. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if he had no idea it was even suspended.
  8. Scratch safety off our draft needs list. Beast And some of those throws...geez, Ryan
  9. Or how about Inmate: I’m for a speck of weed my cousin left in my floor board.
  10. Lincoln freed the slaves and FDR defeated the Nazis, but ok.
  11. my meaning was clear and i’m glad the homophobic football player got fired.
  12. I finally got an IPod Touch to replace my aging IPod Classic and signed up for Apple Music. It’s life changing.
  13. I had mocked both guys a round later to us, matter of fact. So no, not everyone wanted Lee.
  14. PSA to Falcons players: Gwinnett County (where I live and Falcons seem to always get arrested) is not the place to do anything including buying beer at 7:00 am while picking up breakfast food so I don't have to make an extra trip.
  15. LOL ! Just typical ! Take a few snippets of half truths and suppositions , then add is an abject LIE , and you have the cross section of a typical Democrat. . OK Doggie, go ahead and lead your delusional buddies into the morass of Impeachment, and re elect the greatest President EVER . He will play your kind like a Grand Piano. With the Graham, Horowitz, and Barr investigations, your criminal heroes are about to be exposed for the traitorous criminals that they are. TICK !
  16. With this horrendous traffic in Atlanta nobody should get in trouble for HOV violations. I don’t care what they have to do to get a couple outer loops built around 285, it should be a state emergency for crying out loud. Its unfathomable to me, visiting from Houston, that this many people are still using the original loop around the city!! Wtf is going on around here? Yeah, I get private property rights, but this city is in dire straits. You can bet it’s preventing people & companies from relocating here. Houston now has an inner loop 610, then another loop, Beltway 8 & now an outer freeway loop called The Grand Parkway-99!! Surely something can be done in Atlanta because it’s a fkg joke & it’s unsustainable!
  17. Thankfully at best it gives us a better look at him without taking up a regular season roster spot, as well as insurance should any one of the depth DTs go down with injury. as of right now this gives us 5 DTs correct? between now and regular season so much can happen and who knows, (although I don't think it is likely to happen) if someone like davidson turns out to not work out as we had hoped like McClain failed to live up to expectations last year, he could very well earn a spot, and if he doesn't make the final cut, he could be given enough snaps in preseason to show other teams what he has to offer and maybe we trade him for a lower end pick. Again not likely, but I am glad to have him on here and hope he takes one of the final spots.
  18. I agree with that. I'm just saying he's almost having to fake them out and go untouched. That's not feasible. If he had one speed to power move that would work it would completely change how an OT had to face him. But I don't know how hard that is for him to execute. Seems like he ought to be able to do a rip or slap and get his hands on their chest and roll. But yeah, for now he has outside, or fake outside and go inside. But he does it all too far from the tackle. A patient tackle will just wait for you to do your fakes and then see where you are. He has to be able to perform those closer to the OT, making him respond sooner. And for that he has to be able to keep hands off him.
  19. Kinda of like Ryan when you think about it
  20. I mean they have to respect your.outside.speed. Develop a functional stutter.step, spin move anythng to.fake outside and go in. Also when your engaged make an disengage. So sick of.seeing him spectate when his initial rush is neutralized.
  21. I think the Falcons are considering trading up, it may not be for Oliver as reported. I'm not 100% sold that the Niners are going take Bosa at 2. If they pass on Bosa, expect the Jets #3 pick to possibly come into play unless the Niners are willing to trade out of the #2 pick without forcing a team to sell the farm and their soul.
  22. 3..4 months is random cause he's been good since then.
  23. Yeah he also has short arms (and doesn't use them well). It's hard to use that ability if OT's just get to your chest and neutralize you. You either need the arms to be able to single arm them before they get you, or the heft to break through that. He has neither. His only real chance seems to be to learn incredible handwork to keep arms from ever getting to him. But when they know he won't power them (because he's light and because that lets them get their arms locked in) it makes it a lot easier for them to know all he's going to do is run the arc. I'd like to see him study whatever short armed light DE's have been successful in the NFL and do whatever they did.
  24. I rode HOV for like 2 miles and got a ticket through the mail.
  25. Dude place.those officers on unpaid leave. If anyone deserves to fly solo in the H.O.V its Roddy ******* White. Also how do you have a suspended license Sharod?
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