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  2. He ranks dead last for qualified CFs in baseball. His 26.3 speed is very average regardless of position. He's literally just a tenth of a second faster than Freddie Freeman and Nick Markakis. Out of the 60 qualifying catchers, 19 are tied or faster than him.
  3. Man got worked over a joke. You hate to see it.
  4. Man, I threw you a softball on that one FF, was sure you would come back at me with that hilariously awkward pic of DQ you usually use!!!!!
  5. You win some, you lose some.
  6. These guys are on my radar Cory Joseph- Back up trae. Rodney Hood-Spark plug off the bench. Jordan Bell- Added defensive presence at C. Marcus Morris-Added defense/intensity/ Scoring off bench.
  7. For most players and agents, the answer is this.....
  8. I know Etienne was lining up and technically going in motion by changing his presnap alignment. If he was doing that to exploit mismatches it worked. Again you were correct and I was in error on my accessment in how they were attacking Bama.
  9. Not with his new gloves.
  10. My bad. You are correct.
  11. Was not aware of that. I owe @youngbloodz and @Falconsin2012 a apology.
  12. They’ll see his PI’s come week 6.
  13. A big reason Quinn went to more man coverage in 2016 Stu was because our D was so young. Collins, Debo, Neal, Poole Campbell were all overthinking things in cover 3 and opponents were taking advantage of that. Shifting to playing more Man allowed them to play more to their instincts instead of hesitating in thinking what to do so much. Here’s a great article by Benoit which explains that progression: The D is a more vet D now. I’m sure he’ll mix more man in to confuse opponents, but Cover-3 will always be the foundational core. I agree on the blitzes, at least I hope so JD. Time for Quinn to release the hounds!
  14. This is an interesting way to self own
  15. Yes been through the same as you been a fan from 1970. I am trying to turn the page. It is a long shot to Win a Super Bowl for any team. I will say this team has fallen off the cliff when a big player is lost for the season. Like they just throw in the towel. They have also fallen short way more than exceeded in the past. Sure when it looks like they have finally put it all together some other forgotten factor just pops up out of the blue. I am not taking my mortgage payment and placing it on the Falcons to win it all. I am though going to try and pull hard and stay positive. Rest assured I will be here giving them what for if they fall flat and look like they could care less. Until then I am moving forward and not looking back into the past.
  16. It was a joke, point was we won’t see his PI or it won’t be an issue for us.
  17. With Trump's unpopular tariffs, the wall, new selective immigrant policy, pro-life stance, perpetual lying, Russian asz licking and obvious criminal activity, there will be a huge move to beat him in 2020. We are beginning to see a GOP leader or two recognize Trump's inability to properly carry out the office of POTUS so buckle up Trumpsters, you all are in for the ride of your lives.
  18. Stop the run Run the ball.
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  20. Been a fan since the 70s seen it many times. We were supposed to have it all together in 1981 and watched that all fall apart, same with 1999 when Jamal went down it tanked us, and the 2003 season when Vick broke his leg that tanked us. Or how about the time we had a chance to see Abraham, Kerney, Coleman on DL together but that group never really played a snap together due to injuries. Look this is the Falcons anytime we shore up one area of the team something bad happens. This team can try and prove me wrong but they never do. It's up to this team to go against franchise trends, people here shouldn't get all pissy just cause I point them out.
  21. He really isn't, not that good of a baserunner either. Someone posted a graph with average speed and he wasn't much faster than Freddie.
  22. Why should this matter to the falcons this upcoming season?
  23. We got exposed a bit (to say the least) last year. We thought all round depth was decent, but it wasn't. Very little pass rush consistently and for many games, we could stop no one. With the injury issues hopefully over, I firmly believe we will be better. But I see us as a playoff team, not a nailed on SB contender. Could happen, will have to see.
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