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  2. So easy to make y'all cry.
  3. If Quinnen is there at 6, he might be worth the price. I just feel like there's absolutely no way he gets by Tampa. He's a #1 overall type of talent in my book.
  4. This almost guarantees that this is not what will happen.
  5. 4chan and stormfront
  6. Trading up for Wilkins..... gross.
  7. Thanks for the edit. But where were they radicalized?
  8. I say it every year and I’ll say it again. I’m always okay with trading up. It means they truly believe that the player will be great.
  9. If it only took a 3rd, be OK with that.
  10. Lol trading up in this scenario makes no sense. The player you wanted is already gone.
  11. NCAA trash organization.
  12. TD couldn't help himself
  13. Makes sense to me, if he's high on your board (1 or 2) go get him.
  14. Well Mr. Blank implied we're not done upgrading the oline. So rest assured, we're not done upgrading the oline. First or second round for sure.
  15. Dosnt really matter if he plays at a pro bowl level and everyone else is a bust.. If players have a high ceiling does it really matter where they are drafted in the long run?
  16. I agree. We have a seasoned veteran front office who know how to work the war room by having sound plans in place for most every scenario. The surprise for me would be a first round CB if their top 2 rated guys are gone at the other positions of interest.
  17. Ferrell will be a bust. Not even the best player on his own team.
  18. The real question is how do you see his ability to develop.. The best college player that dosnt improve dramatically will be out of the league soon.. I believe Quinn can turn him into something special if hes willing to work
  19. Or QUinnen Williams.
  20. There’s bust potential there for sure. A plan and nuanced he doesn’t have. Hes a beater with his athleticism no denying that but what happens when that athleticism is equaled or in his case the NFL type talent is onto him.Thats the bust potential I see EO what’s plan B at this point in time I don’t think he has one that’s what scares me.
  21. Exactly, Bosa or Allen
  22. If we move to 3 it better be for Bosa or Williams thats it lol.
  23. Yep a lot on here are going stir crazy over these rumours about EO & QW and if TD is going to move.Man if I was TD I’d hold my water and let everyone else go silly.We are in a premium spot to get a good player. At this point in time it’ll only take a slight run on a certain position and a better talent will fall right into our laps.QBs and OTs are sounding likely for a run because of the lack of talent at those spots.
  24. Let's make a rule where you're not allowed to pull names out of a hat and call it a mock.
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