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  2. May be DQ and Sark can play tag at Bama.
  3. Quinn needs to for the D there are soooo many overrated players. I do think Grady...Jones...Allen and Tak are good and we should rebuild around them. As for the are simply wasting your time. You just gave up 34 pts to a below avg offense. That's a good 10 pts more than they were averaging. 52 pts last week to Hou? Are you kidding me? What more do you people need to see? Whats it going to take? Mr Brees hanging 50 on us later this season?
  4. MNF

    That's some Richards open field tackling right there. Have we had a single run that long this year?
  5. Individuals I’m not worried about but beam me up Scotty when these coaches can get this group playing well consistently.
  6. MNF

    Does Beasley?
  7. You'll never respond because you got your feelings hurt back in May when I called you a Moron......but here's your shot. I honestly hope for a well thought out response that doesn't include Obama or Hillary in it. If you have one .....let's have it. There's a discussion to be had here.
  8. Not just money, he spends all the time with babies now. He is sitting with no energy on the side lines when his whole team and coach are full of it.
  9. Wow, just wow. So... Because Trump can’t control himself it’s the Democrats fault???
  10. A small prevarication (done by all POTUS to protect fools like you) doesn't outweigh the best economy, lowest unemployment, wage increases, best minority, women employment. highest labor participation rate in 50 years. Not to mention all the other things Trump has done and that your fake/scm/dems won't tell you about.
  11. The thing is. Why haven’t we already done that. Or at least try to mix it up. It’s like SHERMAN not following a receiver and steadfastly staying on one side.
  12. Enablers of corruption would be how I'd describe the entire boomer generation in 3 words or less
  13. The president just got allies a probably a few christians slaughtered and Fox is yucking it up about some O'Keefe project or other
  14. Matt spends too much money on his babies. Their cap hit keeps us from signing good DEs, and they won’t tank so we could pick Ed Oliver. I hate them. Don’t get me started on their nap time garbage stats. bastadges!
  15. I'd much rather see Campbell or even Cominsky get snaps in base D instead of Vic for any Nickel 4 man DL uses. Put Foye on the field. Let's go.
  16. Yeah, but neither one of them can really cover a TE. Oliver hits just as hard as them, and he covers better.
  17. I'm trying to read 31 replies I have, please don't add nonsense until I read them all.
  18. Thx. Just seems like he is lost in discussions here and I haven’t seen him or noticed him on field much.
  19. You need help, pops.
  20. Spelling Debo and playing some depending on the package. 80 D snaps but more STs use with Ish having to play SS... He comes in next to Debo sometimes if Campbell gets moved to OLB where Vic lines up normally in the new 3-4 look.
  21. Matt Doesn't have the confidence in his protection yet to have his feet set.
  22. I think our defensive coordinator should have his head examined, along with most of TATF
  23. You are an enabler of corruption, but you only see (R) corruption and that is very corrupt, Gramps. .
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