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  2. And that’s why I would cheer for the not so evil empire in that scenario.
  3. If Blank doesn't fire this azzclown, gonna be a lot of empty seats, and a loooong offseason. Hope he's not that F'ing stupid.
  4. Of...I have extremely large hands and fat fingers and on a phone? Forget about it.
  5. Bama guys are already trying to run some bs about Bama shying away from Washington due to off the field issues. Washington is an awesome dude and Bama took Jonathan Taylor after we dismissed him for domestic abuse. Sour grapes are just more sour in the state of Alabama.
  6. I can’t believe anyone seriously believes this...
  7. Beasley is the escape goat
  8. Ummm the coach put his name on Beasley and the GM facilitated the move. Is it the GMs fault the coach couldn’t coax the talent out of either DEs yeah ok another desperate reach.
  9. Burds lose 222-0.
  10. Beasley is being made the scapegoat for Beasley. Nothing more.
  11. As a tanker for Chase Young, I want MR to sit out the entire year.
  12. I mean this is an alternative history timeiine less realistic than Watchmen
  13. A Falcons fan explaining their life...
  14. Bustley is as bad as advertised.
  15. You have to be under the age of 30. For most of us, we can’t leave the Falcons anymore than we can leave our pancreas or our heart. They are part of us. Like it or not. Just so you know who you’re talking to.
  16. OP is alright but VB still blows llamas.
  17. It all started when Blank divorced his second wife.
  18. Laying down my life for a celebrity of Comedy Central Roasts quality ftw
  19. For the life of me I can't fathom how this defense can suddenly transform itself into an impenetrable wall after being a turn-style for the past seven games. SeaHawgs 37-17. (But Quinn STILL doesn't get fired).
  20. I'm not sure anyone has said Vic is our only problem, I dont think anyone seriously believes we only have a few problems. I'm not sure how you think the FO is hiding behind Beasley when they are trying to trade him. If hes gone and the team plays the same, which it will obviously, how is that hiding behind him? I dont think I'm understanding you
  21. I tend to agree regarding Williams. I've mentioned Gunner Stockton, but he is even a year behind Williams so he won't be a freshman in college until 2022. We really have no choice but to make Williams our most important priority. Mathis and Beck could both be very good QBs and I don't want to overlook that. Offenses tend to be limited with freshman and even sophomore QBs. I'd even argue that as good as Ohio State has looked offensively, they're only going to be better next year with Fields having experience and the coaches trusting him with more responsibility on the field. Stuff that only comes with time in a system. Hopefully Fromm does come back. I really don't know what to expect from the offense if the competition for starter is between Stetson Bennett, Dwan Mathis and Carson Beck. Two of the three won't have a single collegiate snap between them and Bennett is a former walk-on.
  22. Of all the things you could take up arms and possibly die for, imagine that thing being Donald Trump. Me, personally:
  23. But Trump is dumb...gotcha
  24. Nah, everyone knows our defense is complete garbage. We’re contending for worst defense in history right now.
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