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  2. ^ Biden withholding a $1 billion and laughing about it... priceless
  3. How miserable
  4. At the end of the day our defensive “playmakers” are not making the same plays they made as rookies.. dieon jones? What happened? Wheres the ints and forced fumbles. Jarrett wheres the finishing on sacks, goes double for you takk. Have we even forced a fumble this year? Trufant has our only ints.. how ironic is that
  5. Just a reminder that before Mulvaney’s “confession” and before Bill Taylor’s testimony, we also had Ron Johnson confirming that Trump was withholding aid in exchange for dirt on his opponents.... Johnson told reporters Trump said he was considering withholding the aid because of alleged corruption involving the 2016 U.S. election. Johnson stood by the president, saying he was sympathetic to his concerns and didn't see any bad motives on his part. "What happened in 2016? What happened in 2016? What was the truth about that?” Johnson said about Trump's concerns. ... Johnson told the Wall Street Journal on Friday that Sondland told him that Ukraine would appoint a prosecutor who would, as Johnson put it, work to "get to the bottom of what happened in 2016 — if President Trump has that confidence, then he’ll release the military spending." “At that suggestion, I winced,” Johnson told the Wall Street Journal. “My reaction was: Oh, God. I don’t want to see those two things combined.”
  6. I would've traded him in the offseason and spent that money on developing our Defense. Wrecking our cap on an over 30 WR whose best days are behind him, demonstrates that this team run by people who let emotions guide their thinking rather than making sound business decisions.
  7. #resistanceisfailing
  8. We need to do more with Cook than the jet sweep. Teams know when Cook in there - “here comes the jet sweep”.
  9. And we so badly need Landers to be able to catch the ball. He could be such a weapon. He is extremely twitchy for someone his size.
  10. What has a lot of coaches ever done that’s historic? Not many or those things wouldn’t be historic. While not considered historic, getting 7 or more 1st and 2nd year players on defense to a super bowl is pretty impressive. Did it with ok epaulet starting at CB that’s not even in the league anymore. With all the money tied up in the offense, what has DQ been able to do other than add from the scrap pile during free agency and hope his draft picks on D turn out to be all pros?
  11. Yea but still that move would almost guarantee them that they get a 2nd ring if everything works out. Smh they know what they're doing down there in the big easy and I respect the **** out of it even though I hate em.
  12. It's been such a tough road for white men in this country. But we shall overcome one day.
  13. Preaching to the choir. They needed to spread out the field. Toss sweeps, throws to rb’s out of the backfield, Cook in the slot, bunch formations etc.
  14. I would like for him to list the rights that have been taken from him. He will admit it’s just his ability to discriminate
  15. Highly doubt it.
  16. I think that brush bristle moved down my esophagus.
  17. But DQ got all the credit for personnel decisions here on TATF. TD was always a bum, but Falcons did well because of DQ. I want both of them gone..
  18. What went wrong is what went wrong with Smitty, same exact to the T process. Anyone remember the year before Smitty was fired they hired a coach to help him manage the clock, same thing with Quinn. Anyone remember when Smitty was hired he said he wanted to build a run first team the resembeled the Baltimore Ravens, yet the year he was fired Koetter was running the offense and it was a pass first offense. In come Quinn a younger d-line coach with a defensive back ground just like Smitty, repeat same process. Smitty came in with no coaching staff, Quinn came in with no coaching staff. McKay is hiring people around these jr. level coaches and McKay and all his OLD Tampa Bay cronnies need to be kicked out. If Blank would fire McKay, Ruston Webster, Steve Sabo, Joel Collier, TD, and Phil Emry and hire Ed Dodds and let hm rebuild the coaching staff and scouting department, I guarantee you we will be in the Super Bowl in three years. McKay hired Koetter, McKay hired TD, McKay hired Webster, McKay brought in Phil Emry, the whole Falcons front office oozes of OLD former fired GMs and light weight scouts. We need new direction up top. Blank needs to do what a owner needs to do and put friendship aside. What's going to happen is the Falcons are going to fire Quinn, fire TD, go hire some light weight GM that McKay can control and then they will go hire some light weight coach that doesn't come in with his own people and repeat the process and we as fans will be going thru all of this again in four or five years.
  19. I know what happened. KS left the building in 2016... It started going downhill. The injuries last year were red herring and masked the problems on D. Every one assumed it was injuries, it turns out this D had bigger problems.
  20. Well if the Dawgs are going to stick to their wearing teams down on offense and not at least try to exploit another teams weakness and get the matchups that favor us, we will lose to Florida. Florida is going to attack us exactly like sc and kent. did defensively.
  21. No country for old rednecks.
  22. Hunted by a pack of wolves..
  23. I am in complete agreement w most of this. That’s the reason I’ve said we need to instill a professional philosophy top to bottom that believes anything less than a Lombardi on our shelves is a “total failure” more being happy to have a few stars and to have “played a good season and even won a playoff game or we got to SB......but it just wasn’t our year”.......,you evaluate mercilessly w no personal attachment and one goal top to bottom.....”take it to the field and MAKE IT OUR SEASON”.......when you get to big game.....“GO OUT THERE AND TAKE IT FROM BRADY AND PATS”. Anything else is really more of same ole loserville mentality we’ve had since ‘66.
  24. Per Rusty, Gilbert was in contact with 3 teams yesterday: Bama, UGA and LSU. He is to let each school know of his decision, shortly before announcing. Based on the lead Bama has maintained for months, Rusty (and everyone else), has him committing there, but said that both UGA and LSU were really in it, too. Now let’s go secure 2 of DW, TJ, or MH and then grab Gibbs as our second back!
  25. This one is not so funny but she sounds better than most ESPN reporters.
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