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  2. Ok , no problem. It's cool to have a differing of opinions
  3. Roughly, if we did half of this for 23.75M or 3/4 for 33+M? Got to think that some of the absolutes of this list would make up close to half. Hmmm What about Carpenter and Brown? If recall +/- is plus for moving on Schweitzer? Wonder how many of "talented" roster will be out of league next year.
  4. A forced fumble that completely changed the game. You can't deny that. A few good coverage and PD plays. I'm not saying julio didnt get his , he did but ramsey played well.
  5. I don’t know what you guys look at when watching these games.
  6. Beasley is going nowhere. Some team will just sign him as a free agent.
  7. Gotta be your own biggest hype man... At least you know you’re getting a competitor that performs and comes ready to take on any challenge. Honestly we need more of that on this team. Y’all are so used to choir boys now that trash talk scares you.
  8. I mean I thought I did. I don't see Hooper as a complete TE. He's good enough as a blocker. He's yet to put a 1,000 yard season yet. Guess it could change this year, we'll see. Trey Burton is getting 8 million and he's probably the best blocking TE in the league, and has just as much receiving ability as Hooper. Chicago doesn't use him for obvious reasons(QB). I don't see how Hoop justifies getting more when he's not even on par with Burton as a blocker, and more of a receiving TE. That's why I say 6 million with incentives for more. If he wants more, then let someone give him Ertz/Kelce money. He's not that dynamic though.
  9. I’m not familiar with the language outside of the money being guaranteed but I do know it can be rescinded before a certain date
  10. ****! Yall are killing it. Props to all the long time Falcons fans bringing out the history my brain is trying to protect me from. Keep it coming.
  11. I can’t wait for Julio to play against this clown shoe again. Hopefully in the playoffs.
  12. Yes, I think Ramsey did cover him pretty well. But he could've had a better game, mainly if he had caught that long go route near the end zone. Look, I'm not trying to say Ramsey shut him down. He didn't. Nobody does.
  13. In other words get me an offensive line or i'm sitting out, wise chose on Ryan's part. F that S. when drafting for an O-Line is on the backburner 3-13 is the result.
  14. Well I'm not sure if Julio caught a pass in the 2nd half. I could be wrong. I can't remember. You definitely have to give Ramsey credit
  15. The only thing Im not to sure of is since Neal is injured that does mean is guarantee kicks in for his 5th year options as they say the 5th year option is only guaranteed for injury
  16. And you actually think he didn’t have a better game due to Ramsey? Simple yes or no will suffice.
  17. And tbh that was almost all in the first half
  18. We all already knew this....Thanks for justifying it for us Chuck!
  19. We signed or traded for anyone yet??????
  20. I respected Ramsey because I believe he is a very good CB. I don't mind a guy speaking his mind and showing bravado or swagger, because as we all know he's going to have to back it up. Last night I was watching the NFL Network when Deion Sanders called Ramsey (video chat). Sanders asked him about the trainers in LA being able to quickly deal with his back issue. Deion was clearly being tongue-in-cheek and Ramsey was oh yeah they figured my back out quick, with a dung eating grin. Ramsey flat out quit on the Jags and his back injury was all BS. When I think of the people on this board that go to work everyday to make ends meet and this guy pulls that crap. I can't remember the last time I guy got me so riled up - I've lost all respect for him. It's blasphemy to say on this board but if the Rams play the Saints in the playoffs this year, then I hope Thomas puts up 200 yards receiving on him and the Rams get beaten like no team was beaten before!
  21. At least Chuck Woolery would give us two and two!
  22. I wouldn’t be against replacing Neal. Don’t ask “with who” because I can’t answer that but I wouldn’t cry if they rescind the 5th year option. Mack is a toss up IMO. The rest that you named outside of Matthews I can agree with
  23. The worst part is that his lack of being a football player was evident in his college film. and we still drafted him
  24. Julio is going to get his you know that , I know that. He knows that , like I said you can't stop him but you have to try and contain him. Without Ramsey the game is probably much closer, that fumble really changed the whole complexion of the game. You'd be crazy to deny that , he left his mark on that game
  25. Yeah I say regardless because most of the world only knows that the Saints won a SB. They have no idea how they did it and probably don’t care. They just know they won it.
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