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  2. Keep digging. First you **** post misleading propaganda. You get called on it. It’s actually an attack on the tax cuts and the only Social Security policy addresses income discrepancy by taking benefits away from the 1% You accused him of asserting that policy in bad faith because… Reasons. Look, I’m not going to believe anything you post if you start with ********. And I sure as **** am not going to buy how you define a facially progressive policy that Biden is proposing. Besides, Biden is trending down. Time to start **** posting on Buttigieg. TRUMP 2020!!!
  3. Probably and I think that’s pretty dismal company to be included in.
  4. Trump's twitter is off the m'f'n rocker today, I thought he was totally exonerated, why are the tweet storms still happening?
  5. Its either that or they draft 8-9. They definitely bringing in all they can and seeing who wants it more. Throwing **** at the wall to see what sticks. Like I said if you cant afford quality, quantity can work. Its how we beat ze Germans.
  6. Freeman makes alot of players look stupid. **** Ito posterized kuechly a couple times, and they have similar elusiveness.
  7. That's true so why even give this dude attention?
  8. If we actually get a freaking bullpen we would have a better record.
  9. This is nt a bad signing. He will.definitely give all if.called on. W as on that 2008 state champion Cairo team. He played wr and fs.for them. He can catch those.easy picks which is something we need. Good.special teamer, and he can thump. Can cause them snot bubbles, and slobberknockers. Good.depth signing at safety... Finally
  10. Right now the Falcons have: three DEs and five DB's who are -gonna- play. A case could be made that we need a better sixth DB.... from what Quinn has said, that 6th player will more than likely be a safety. So anyone else we take at DE or CB is likely going to be depth, at least for now. From the mocks I have seen, there are viable DE CB and S candidates projected to be available throughout the 4th and 5th rounds. Players like DE Maxx Crosby, CB Mark Fields, S Sedrick Redwine…..-IF- they, or some equivalent players at those positions, are there in the 4th or 5th, as it -seems- there will be....then the Falcons would need to fill those positions then. Because as it stands, if we draft a DE, CB or Safety with a high pick, then somewhere, we will see a highly drafted player sitting on the bench, looking for playing time. Whereas, if we end up with both Ford AND Lawrence.... we get two near-instastarters right away.
  11. What's sad is that the Saints' fans are so sensitive that if a Falcons' fan had been over there posting about the superiority of the Falcons they would have been banned after the first or second post.
  12. This is good. All top talent at DT is going fast in this draft.
  13. I like him alot too Prof, but we better grab him before pick 137, yes?
  14. Knocked himself out in a game when he was with the Steelers.
  15. It really does. In a situation of wanting to keep three LBs and full front four, you can use either Wilcox or Neal as the Nickel Safety.
  16. I'm starting to like Dex at 14
  17. Agreed. I have the power end as 1a and penetrating tackle as 1b. Power end edges out because he helps 2 positions. But great players trump. I'd rather have an amazing DT than a decent power end. Take the playmakers.
  18. Probably not Buttigieg is making a major surge on Biden. (SURGE! Not splooge. How long are we going to have to endure these sophomoric gay jokes? As long as I keep making them!!)
  19. Freeman's career was jump started against this dude in 2015 in Dallas lol. Hope he never sniffs the field.
  20. About 20 min away, there's an old greek restaurant that's been there since I was a kid. I might try it out this weekend
  21. No one knows the severity of this obviously. What isn't fictional is that an added (known) health risk is an added risk. Therefore it moves someone lower. We don't know how much, how varied it is by team, but we do know teams are all in the risk assessment and management business, and adding a whole new category of risk doesn't help you.
  22. I prefer Jonah Williams over Andre Dillard. Give me the boring guy who's technique is refined and has a bad game once every 14 games. I would be OK with Cody Ford as well, he can play anywhere along our OL.
  23. Yep. A box safety in our scheme needs to be able to bang it down there, size helps.
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