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  2. A lot of it is very questionable effort from several players all at once. I don't know how many times I've seen this defense just spot drop, COMPLETELY ignore any threat as they worry about getting to their landmarks first then playing football second. You can tell what they are coaching. DQ is trying to simplify it but the players are just turning into robots. It's quite fascinating to see in real time. For instance, simple plays like a third down conversion right after the two minute warning in the first half. It's 3rd & 8. Kazee is lined up inside of Larry Fitz, preventing any immediate quick throw to him. Yet at the snap, he literally turns and heads for the flats at the numbers, not even looking at Larry. He rushes to get to his landmark, just to cover grass, then try and break on Larry. By then, it's too late. He's covering Oliver's zone underneath, when there was no threat there, just to pass the immediate threat that ended up getting the first down easily. Play football.
  3. VEL, my vote goes to Ed Dobbs as GM/President.
  4. Im sticking with TD. He had terrible drafts at the end of Smitty, and then magically had good/better drafts once DQ came on. We drafted 2 idiots from the Senior bowl that Mike Smith coached. Im convinced Smitty and his staff were saying who they wanted and TD grabbed them. 4 worthless LBs in one draft even!
  5. I'm showing some progress on a couple Coors Lights.
  6. Peter Konz was highly rated, Jake, as was Vic. He found Grady. Idk I wouldn’t say he’s good at building the trenches, but he certainly isn’t incapable and McGary and Lindstrom look like future Bowlers.
  7. Under 30 pts and a defensive player with in 5 yards of receiver catching the ball? That should do..
  8. Only trouble is, who does Raheem know to coach both the offense and defense? Does he change from Dirk and get a different DC? Remain the DC this year? As interim, he seems like the most logic HC option with Mularkey being the other. Literally is called assistant head coach right now...
  9. Sorry if already posted.
  10. Quinn's getting fired one way or the other. He's got to beat one or both of the next two teams in order to make it to the Saints game.
  11. This is utterly stupid to say such a thing! This is more subjective than objective and would Mean whatever the F AB wants it to mean! SMH at such an idiotic thing to say! Means absolutely nothing! Just a statement to keep the money trough flowing, nothing more, nothing less!!! if any money spewing fan can’t see this for what it is....then keep giving Arthur your beans! Sheesh! this is borderline insulting to us working stiffs to keep feeding his yacht bank!! Danm stupid if you ask me!
  12. Ladies and Gentleman. I present you the best HC and DC in the Falcons history.
  13. And the reason he should be moved, if you are a GM and can't build trenches your teams are doomed
  14. I might hit the next person who boasts Trump deserves credit for addressing problem he unilaterally created. Particularly this one
  15. Ohio State by at least two scores...
  16. I dunno man, it seems as if his defensive philosophy is pretty much based on 'I hope this works'.....
  17. Right. I mean, to me if the offense hangs 50 on someone and we win 50-44, that's regression (from the last game, I guess it's improvement over that steaming road apple they dropped in Houston though).
  18. He believes Putin and Kim Jon Uns' bull$hit all the time. And WFW believes Trumps' just as bad even though Tumps lies now total over 13,000. How do you figure that thought process?
  19. I have not had that kind. I did try some horseradish sauce with the beef tenderloin one of the other husband's on our trip to Helen cooked Friday night, it was tasty. "Because they're democrats, Avi."
  20. Debo, Sheffield and Kazee, man. Just out there like Lewis and Clark, exploring uninhabited lands.
  21. Only explanation if Blank keeps DQ no matter the results this year, amirite?
  22. It’s ok. At least you didn’t say real fans must attend games and stay seated all game
  23. A "no show" rate of less than 50% for the Benz...
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