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  2. Rico worked with the same corners and we were never destroyed like that by mediocre QBs. Again, DQ made the right decision.
  3. And I’m sure it was because he was our safety was why.
  4. Slippery slope for me...I think everyone deserves a second chance...but this might have been too soon.. Its still fresh in everyone's mind...and could make people close to the situation (Family and Friends) feel some kind of way.. Thats the issue I have...go chill out for a couple of years...make some some contrition and then come back....
  5. Yeah and then we'd go back to having the likes of Eli Manning and Jameis Winston bomb on us for 400 yards again. He's where he needs to be.
  6. If Vel gets this excited it must be something special!
  7. I remember when my grandmother got new carpet. You would think she was Japanese the way she made people take their shoes off before coming in.
  8. He could easily go back to safety if need be.
  9. It sets the tone when you are able to do that repeatedly. Really interesting to see how Koetter and Mularkey is handling the co-op.
  10. Says you. Like I said, google it. Do your own research. You are wrong.
  11. If everything that was reported actually happened i dont think he would have been reinstated so fast.
  12. I'm just mad that I didn't think of it first.
  13. Nursing home aides don't get paid enough.
  14. I am all for second chances. But this isn’t a good look for the Falcons. Dan knew he was going to take some hits so I hope Durkin can add the commensurate value. One thing. It’s better that Durkin is in the pros vs coaching in college.
  15. But you said he was top 5. Wrong. Now where did he rank last year? Last six years? Definitely not top 5. That ranking came from his first five years. Not his last five.
  16. Miss me with the cap space argument. That is dumb. Also, like @FalconsIn2020 alluded to.. But yeah...he sucks at his job amirite
  17. I feel like you need a "Is this weird filter" installed on whatever device you are using. It would help you immensely.
  18. Why not? He's got talent.
  19. Exactly, just with a more strategically capable OC and gave him help with run game/OL/TE side; not necessarily DK’s strength. @FalconsIn2020 regarding verbiage, apparently DK and MM all got together and cleaned up the verbiage a bit so it’s not quite so long. Just from what I recall back in the spring...
  20. Dimi is under .500 with only two playoff berths in the last six years bro. Mostly because of his roster building.
  21. Quinn already said injuries are no excuse. They aren't. Only on TATF. Pull up the injury lists of the last 10 Super Bowl Champion rosters. AVAILABLE CAP SPACE RANKINGS OF LAST FOUR LOMBARDI WINNERS COMPARED TO FALCONS 2018 - NE (19th), ATL (31st) 2017 - PHI (24th), ATL (32nd) 2016 - NE (12th), ATL (29th) 2015 - CEN (23rd) ATL (25th) T
  22. Neas still the backup SS; which is the role Wilcox came in for. Will miss a veteran presence/opportunity at big 3 S looks perhaps; without further progression out of Neas or a corner to allow Kazee to slide back to S in some situations.
  23. yep both guys have been talked to and confirmed they will be in athens.. washington going to tennessee on friday and in athens sat-sunday.
  24. Chinese corporations are just as evil as American corporations but have even less accountability and transparency.
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