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  2. Nahh hes being smart because he got something against me now that I said I think Julio should be at otas.
  3. They are. And adding nuances, whatever that means. I suspect more inside runs and TE concepts more to Mukarkey’s liking
  4. If we’re talking about best hands I’d put Landry into the conversation as well. #2 is honestly a bit generous for Julio, he’s arguably the best in the game and I would argue for it, but we’ve all seen him drop passes that he has no business dropping over the years.
  5. No more practice for Julio...
  6. Perfectionism vs realism. Making a mountain out of a molehill Grady ain’t helping those DL get better! Trade him!! ? O T As Asking and expecting ideal vs the real world. That’s just shortsighted thinking.
  7. Steps isn’t new to DK. The terminology of Kyle’s system is but again, you have Matt Ryan for that. You don’t need Julio for that. You also have sanu there. A 4 year vet in the system. Mack has been there 4 years. Matthews 5. Matt 5. There’s enough vet presence to help DK with terminology and DK to teach steps.
  8. He definitely is. Dude would be slightly above average at best without Brees.
  9. Were you pissed that he continued to fumble?? Even when he didn't fumble, looked like he was carrying the ball kinda loose
  10. Right, I went back over that, he never said what he was making as a mechanic, but he said his options were $8-12 an hour which could mean any low/no skilleded job. Mechanics that are certified (especially at a dealership) can make some good money. I knew one that got laid off, got a business license and started a shade tree business. He had more work than he could handle, he even hired two more mechanics...the American dream.
  11. But Shannahan definitely uses run to set up pass. You have to agree on that
  12. Because they're probably using Kyle's terminology?
  13. His principles are. He’s def WCO but he has his own variation of it where he uses more deep throws. The wco is predicated on short throws typically. But he’s def WCO. Everybody that runs Bill Walsh’s baby have their own variation but the principles are still there and that makes it WCO. That’s why it’s my favorite offensive philosophy.
  14. It’s new to Koetter so it must be new to Julio. Koetter said yesterday he is still figuring out the terminology and plays. How can Julio be good if Koetter & Mularkey are still figuring it out?
  15. I agree with pretty much everything you point out as depth concerns. Keep in mind though, all teams in contention for the big dance have positions on their rosters where if they lose a particular starter they are in trouble with the guy behind them. QB is almost always one, unless you are Patriots who are designed to win games with backup system QBs or the Eagles where you have 2 starter quality QBs. But yes, depth wise we are out of it if Ryan goes down, in trouble if Trufant, Oliver, Deion or Grady go down. But again, all contenders at this point have positions with shallow depth. my OP is a reasonable projection based on a current snapshot of situation. We so these projections all the time in business models
  16. That true. Steps are different but the offense is remaining the same. The only person it really affects the most is the TE’s. You have the offense gate keeper there teach that in DK. Julio isn’t needed for that and he already knows step.
  17. Shannahan really isn’t a WCO in the traditional sense. Don’t you agree?
  18. Julio has played under Koetter this isn't new to him at all.
  19. Yea but DK got here in 2012 and his philosophy is the same as wco. Pass to open the run. Air correl is a pass philosophy. So we’ve been pass to open the run since Julio first got here. We’ve had more success since then in the playoffs. We didn’t win a playoff game until 2012. Julio’s second year when DK got here and changed the offense.
  20. Some aspects are. Moving from depth to steps based passing concepts. That’s a timing thing that requires reps. Coaches are new. IMO much can be gained, nothing can be lost
  21. I said" like you THINK I do" lol reading is fundamental athell, itll take you far. Maybe you wont misinterpret things
  22. That's the point I was trying to make to athell, before we were a run first team and played bend but dont break defense. And for the most part it got us into the playoffs..
  23. It's not new at all.
  24. You acknowledged your posting is dumb ****. Smartest thing you've said in days. Like I said, have a blessed day. I'm done replying to your crazy ***.
  25. He didn’t say he was making $8-12 an hour as a mechanic. He said he got laid off and his options were go to school or work a job making that much. I know several mechanics that couldn’t find mechanic work for years.
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