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  2. Do you think he actually cares?
  3. he could have gotten paid the two previous years and not missed paychecks. He didn't get more money by holding out. Even worse for RBs is they lose their marketability so quick as they start fading after 30yrs old.
  4. We're in the South Division, where two teams do, and two teams don't... there is plenty that goes into winning just that first one... For instance, IF Caro would have happened to get one before us, that would only add to the frustration of Bird Fandom; getting one would alleviate that possibility... As a member of a rivals centric board, I see how the Saints and Buccs fans flaunt their one whenever the conversation gets too inconvenient... sucks, but the Lombardi Card is a major trump card; one would end that. Even if those other squads won more, ONE Lombardi is all you need to be in THE CLUB... It also does seem, that within that rivals base, there are a few who can actually relax a bit when another team gets close...knowing they have their one, the thought of the other team winning one isn't quite as eye-gougingly horrifying as it is as a Bird fan watching the other teams in the Division contend...again, it seems that one does alleviate that anxiety... In a purely football related sense of enjoyment, ONE would culminate and alleviate all of my football anxiety...everything after would be a bonus. I'd always want more; I'd always want to win the next one, but strictly as a fan, it wouldn't have the same imperative as it does right now...
  5. You can ignore it if you want, but it's real sentiment. The left tends to think of minorities as a monolithic block because the left has gone "all in" on identity politics, and take their votes for granted. Meanwhile, the left has created this false boogieman, a brown scarecrow (ahem, ever seen Song of the South), and takes gleeful pleasure in saying to conservatives, "Haha you're a dying breed, just wait until 2040 and see!" What they are too STOOPID to get is that, it's the 21st century. We have passsports and travel. We have interracial families. And the universal truth is that "decent people" want the same as other real Americans. So please don't throw us into that briar patch in 2040! Please please don't! Because it sure is going to be funny with vast multiracial shifts over to conservatives when the Keep America Great 2040 platform of family values, law and order, tax cuts, business friendly, prosperity not austerity party leaves you crying like Hillary asking, "what happened?"
  6. You admitted you were the one who said it. Tlaib was born in America. Besides, Israel has barred the right to return from Palestinians so she wouldn't be allowed to "go back" anyway. He was referring to the whole squad of AOC, Omar, Tlaib, and Pressley.
  7. Yeah, I hate how the NBA is setup - they cater to the top players and to the big market and historic franchises. Also, while I don't love tanking, I adamantly disagree with how I the NBA weakened the lottery and re-allocated the odds of moving up. It was a joke that teams like the Lakers and Pelicans that were mediocre teams had Top 4 selections. I am fine for weakening the incentive to tank a little bit - maybe give the bottom 5-6 teams the exact same odds - but don't extend it all the way out to 14. Also, basically having teams like Clippers being in cahoots with a superstar like Leonard to bring Paul George and force a trade - or Lakers/LeBron and AD - I just think it is a horrible look for the NBA. It's kind of like a handful of teams are the Harlem Globetrotters and the other 22+ teams in the NBA are the Washington Generals.
  8. Glad to see Ynoa back with the team
  9. look more about race. No substance just cism by the pale faces
  10. I don't think Bell is sweating it. He got paid. And he got out.
  11. I love being told I hate America by people who haven't spent any time learning about America. Their understanding is skin deep, literally and figuratively.
  12. You are easily the most negative fan ive came across on here
  13. Link? Tlaib has repeatedly shown more her loyalty is with Palestine as much as it is the US. Another radical sympathizer who supports Hamas. Dunno who Presley is but could you show me a link to him saying this concerning Aoc?
  14. This one is Julio: OBJ:
  15. Oh, sorry, I was thinking of Republicans for a minute @WhenFalconsWin, the Democrats agree that it's racist but Pelosi still had to talk about working with him while the progressives get angrier and angrier with her for taking the stance she has to take with the racist president.
  16. The guy who wanted a civil war and to kill his countrymen over people getting married is lecturing about how others hate America?
  17. Guys, it has nothing to do with race. Sure, you can predict my responses to everything if you understand the racial nuance creeping beneath the surface, but that is just a coincidence!
  18. Going to let this one stand on its own, also.
  19. If you come here and hate everything about it why stay? If you are an anti semetic radical terrorist defender from a radicalized country like Somalia who hates America why stay? Unless your motive is to undermine and sabotage this country and if that's your motive then yes go back where you came from
  20. Yeah you gotta pretty much clean house of every player and coach on the team so that 28-3 is no longer lingering on a single player’s mind lol. We won’t win until this regime is gone
  21. But what do we do about the bad apples? If a brother-in-blue reports a cop for doing dirty deeds, it's not the corrupt officer who is run off the force. And use-of-force guidelines are intentionally vague so they can be squinted at to excuse anything that occurs in uniform. They are seldom rewritten when the otherwise indefensible occurs, which tells me that one of the goals of being a cop is make sure you remain a cop, regardless of what you may do wrong. If I look the other way when I see you kick a handcuffed suspect, you will look the other way when I enter a house without a warrant and lie about it on the report. Quid pro quo. Recognizing it is nothing without change to fix it. And I submit to you that you may not commit bad acts in uniform, but if you look the other way when it happens, you should not confuse yourself with being a good apple. You're just an apple who chooses to ignore the rot around you. And the stench of the rotten apples sticks to you like a taint. Blue lies matter.
  22. I would be happy if you went with him, with your far left insanity. Ted could come back, buy you ??????????????
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