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  2. Trading Beastley or Trufant at this point is easier said than done. Because if the salaries and Vic in his walk year we'll get nothing of value in return. Now last year Vic was rumored to be had for a 3rd, hindsight can bite you in the *** sometimes.
  3. Who you chasing in free agency to replace them with. Yeah we don't know who will be running the show on both sides and the head huncho next season but here's the list. Who do ya want
  4. Falcons never had salary cap issues before because they didn't have multiple (more than 3) great players to re-sign - AND - they didn't overspend on top-of-the-market free agents from other teams. So YES, the Falcons have done a good job in the past managing the cap. However, they have NEVER been in the situation they are now currently in - not close. I mean, it's a good thing that you drafted these players and they ended up so good that you had to pay them big dollars - that's the good part. As to now? I agree that Matt, Julio, Matthews, Grady and Debo all needed to be re-signed. Certainly questionable to extend Julio when he had three years left on his contract but I won't complain too much about it now - although I do think the length of the contract will hurt us in the end. Matthews certainly is a solid piece at a key position although he hasn't exactly lived up to expectations - nevertheless, I believe he needs to be kept. There are ways to navigate salary cap H#LL but what happens is there is not a lot of flexibility if you start leaking oil. You also have to hit on a higher percentage of draft picks and your stars have to stay healthy and produce up to the level they are compensated. While the decision-makers (GM/HC) don't have to be perfect - they have to be much closer to perfect than teams which are at least moderately healthy in the salary cap. If guys like Oliver and Senat develop - if Cominsky, Sheffield, Jordan Miller and Ollison grow into starter roles and we hit on 1/2 our draft picks and specifically 1st/2nd rounders - Falcons can certainly survive their salary cap h#LL........but the margin for error is much, much smaller - that is just a fact. You cannot go into free agency anymore and pull an Alex Mack to fix the OL, you cannot go out and sign a Michael Turner to fix RB position or a Sanu to fix WR position - those days are over for next 3 years. You likely won't even be able to sign the 2nd tier FAs either - shopping exclusively at the bargain bin. It's doable but the path is narrow.
  5. Where are you getting your numbers? 1. The 12.8 million owed to Vic is broken out into weekly pay outs, so it's around 7-8m currently... 2. It's being reported WE are offering to pay Vic's contract to even get teams to listen to trade offers... 3. Tru's dead cap this year is $24m...good luck getting someone to take on that money...
  6. Ya gotta bench Vic....ya gotta at this point...maybe Takk too if the last of concern continues. This is why teams need certainly players....guys that try hard for the sake of trying hard, and seasoned veterans that have passion for the game. I thought Clayborn would be that guy for us again, but he has brought little to the table this season. To be fair, our secondary and LB's allow instantaneous completions....I would be so **** frustrated as a linemen if literally every pass was a completion to a wide open guy.
  7. Yup, I was was being slightly sarcastic because I don't believe he ever deserved a spot on this team.
  8. Honestly sackless is a great way to describe this regime...
  9. We are great at breaking records. Unfortunately, they are the dubious ones.
  10. I was going to mention something similar. I don't live in Atlanta, but I go to the games that are here on the west coast. It just seems that people are only willing to attend games if we win, and not in hopes that we win? I get a lot of crap over here from people who aren't falcons fans about how they're doing now that they keep losing and such, and honestly, I don't speak for ANYONE else, but if I lived there and I had tickets, i'd go to EVERY game, win or lose and stay until the end. That's just me though. A few years ago when there was talk about ATL being one of the teams that might have moved to LA, (even though it wasn't likely) I was ecstatic because it would have been awesome having them here and I FOR SURE would have become a season ticket holder.
  11. I think it’s going to be Gage.
  12. TATF, can't defend one without tearing down another I suppose... /shrug
  13. No issue with getting rid of either. Who would you chase with that money though?? Replacing Trufant is going to have to be in the form of a veteran that's going to get a similar contract to what he signed. There's no way he gets replaced with a low tiered corner unless the new DC has a **** good scheme. As of right now the UFA list doesn't look that great
  14. She's good. Spot on with a lot of points. Also smh at the "she's beautiful...." folks.... jeezus guys pornhub exists.
  15. Yup, I just hope it doesn't mean more Hardy.
  16. Usually we agree g-dawg but I'm gonna have to give this one a nah
  17. Hey, at least we can have a rookie 2nd round TE playing worse than Hooper so we can sign 2 FA! one way, half dozen another.
  18. yeah, in theory that always sounds good. If Chase Young has a "meh" career or whoever else you would have drafted had a "meh" or just a "good" career - then trading for the two 1sts and the two 2nds works. If Chase Young - or someone else you would have drafted at #2 overall ends up like Mack or Donald - then you will rue the day you made the trade. Remember, when you start talking 4 picks for 1 - the odds tell you at least 1 or the 4 picks will be a total bust and more likely 2/4 will bust. Obviously no one ever wants to think about that when making a 4-for-1 trade and you are the team getting the 4 - but it's true. Even if you get 4 average NFL starters for 1 superstar - not worth it. Falcons need foundational building blocks on defense. You have Grady and Debo and both are good players - both are good "Robin" players - we still need a "Batman" on defense in the front 4. Personally, if I believed Chase Young was a Cam Jordan/Myles Garrett/Justin Houston type of Defensive End - I would spurn offers unless I thought I could drop one spot and still get my guy. Now if all the marquee defensive players are gone and I could drop a few spots for a nice package, then I would be more receptive.
  19. How do you have a defense that is this bad? How can a defense go this long without a sack? The Rams were able to get as many sacks on Ryan in the last game, as the Falcons have had for the entire season. What are they working on in practice? How is DQ a defensive-minded coach, but not able to get this unit to at least play with the basic fundamentals? Some of these players have played well in the past, but now it's like they've all regressed for this season; how is that even possible? It's not bad luck. Why is this defense just out on the field going through the motions and not playing hard or smart? The Falcon's defense is a monumental embarrassment.
  20. I have and did. And Quinn is gone too
  21. This was an effective blitz don’t understand why we don’t see much more considering how poor the defense has been playing!
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