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  2. Not to mention shedding $13 million in cap space. No brainer if Oliver is there.
  3. I get that and we agree on that. They need to change it. But that doesn’t negate the accurate reporting from their journalists. If you want to criticize CNN and MSNBC for too much commentary, that’s fine. But to say “the media” — implicitly including sources like NYTimes, WaPo, WSJ, etc. — is wrong. It’s not “the media”. The problem is that cable news outlets overemphasize opinion commentary and the other problem is with the tendency of people to rush to sources that are not reliable or credible because they want the (unreliable and discredited) reports to be true.
  4. Don't forget the part where Russia told Hillary "you've got this" so keep your ailing self in bed and don't worry about the blue wall in the rust belt states. Oh, and a shout out to several (not you) who are saying most of the real "reporters" got it right.
  5. And by the way, the reason that I rail against people who post random nobodies, unreliable or even discredited sources, or who post opinion pundits like Rachel Maddow as “journalists” and “reporters” is precisely because of the situation we have now. This amorphous feeling that “the media” somehow got the Russian collusion story wrong is because people don’t stick with credible sources with a long history of accurate reporting. And some of you same people on these boards who are complaining about that should look at your own posting on this topic over the past two years, if we’re going to be honest. Time and again, people ran headlong into the interwebs scouring for anything, credible or not, that supported their view about Russian interference and Trump. All the talk about pee tapes...some in jest, I get that...but the utter certainty that this needs to be true, so f*** it all let’s go see what BuzzFeed or Daily Mail or Palmer Report or some other outlet that doesn’t have a history of credible, accurate reporting has to say and post it without concern about the credibility of the source. If people are disappointed or feel like “the media” got it wrong, perhaps it’s because they fed themselves a daily dose of speculation and tabloid-esque reporting from these less-credible sources because they wanted those things to be true. I hope people will start tuning out the random nobodies on social media, the tabloid type outlets like BuzzFeed, and the partisan pundits. Start tuning in to WaPo, WSJ, NYTimes, and the hard news divisions at CNN and other networks. Those journalists — actual journalists — have been overwhelmingly correct in their reporting. They got a few things wrong, sure. But on the whole, the Mueller report backs up their reporting far more than that of the less credible sources that I’ve mentioned.
  6. If you say so And yes, I said he isn’t an all around DE. But in nickel & obvious passing downs, he can have a big impact Beasley’s recent return Things have changed recently. While earlier this year Beasley was playing 60+ snaps per game, he’s been relegated to a smaller role hovering in the low 40s. The truth is it has paid off. He’s had four sacks in his last five games, along with two passes defended and this play.
  7. We talked about this before, the networks themselves don't just fail to distinguish between journalism and punditry; they advertise their pundits as if they were explaining what the journalists found. Yeah, people should know better, but the networks are the ones wildly misrepresenting the nature of that content in order to make it more appealing to consumers.
  8. You have both TDS and WFWDS I pity you...
  9. The premise was false. If he has a good season this year hes going to break bank and I fear Quinn is going to be the one who fights to keep him since he’s personally responsible for him still being on the team
  10. This should tell us all we need to know.
  11. I doubt you'd find anyone unwilling to do this hypothetically, but its a pipedream.
  12. Who, specifically, did the part in bold? There is this disturbing tendency of people to generalize about “the media” as though Rachel Maddow is the same as the news section of WaPo, CNN, or NYTimes. Trying to attack the news outlets and news divisions for the hyperpartisan rhetoric of opinion commentators is dangerous. Yeah, attack the commentators and partisan pundits all you want. They are awful. But the news divisions from those sources that I mentioned had spectacular reporting that was overwhelmingly accurate. Don’t smear the journalists who are doing great work because you don’t like the hyperbole of partisan pundits (ahem, Maddow) who shouldn’t be considered journalists or news reporters in the first place.
  13. That's just simply not true. The Falcons turned down offers for Beasley last year at the deadline.... Falcon fans hate him, but people can see his elite speed off the edge. His problem is he's not well rounded so a 4-3 DE role doesn't suit his strengths. But in a 3-4 OLB role he could pin his ears back and rush. He's definitely got some value, how much depends on how he's used
  14. Agree w this comment, but the other guy was saying he never had a good season, which is untrue, even if it was an outlier . i am thinking Beasley doesn’t wear the Falcons uniform after this season, unless somehow he goes off this year and they tag him to see if he can do it again.
  15. I am so disappointed in Vic Beasley's drop in production that I would offer him to move up to #3. If the Jets are still using a 3-4 defensive scheme, they could get much more out of Vic than we have. The Jets would get a much-needed pass rusher and still have a first rounder to fill any other need. We would move up for "the guy" and shed ourselves of a player that simply does not look like he fits in our scheme.
  16. Was thinking the same thing. It was a big debate. I wanted Ryan, actually mocked him as a 2nd round pick before he caught fire in the draft world after the VT game put him in the spotlight. many wanted Dorsey and either Brohm or Henne. most important coin flip in Falcons history right there to get the 3 pick instead of 4 or 5.
  17. It was a fluke. When he proves it wrong I’ll change that tune. Right situation? If he’s as good as you think there would be several of those right situations, wouldn’t you think?
  18. I don't blame the media for covering things that actually happened with Trump or Russian interference, I blame the ones that acted like it was known that he was working with Putin based on the public and confidential information available to them. Trump knew practically from the beginning that Russia wanted him over Hillary. All he had to do was let them do their thing, and all he had to do after he was elected was stoke the RC angle of it by acting like he personally really likes Putin. If you weren't assuming from the beginning that he's too stupid to get a pair of pants on by himself, it sure seems like he could have planned at some point before or after the election to be publicly soft on Putin specifically and let the cable news and the comedy shows inundate the public with the idea that he's working for Putin, which would ultimately disarm a great deal their legitimate criticism later on. They made it very easy for him, and it wasn't supposed to be a problem because they also told us he's too stupid to think five seconds ahead, so he couldn't sneak something by us if his life depended on it. Welp = /
  19. Yes. I would give up Beasley before a 2nd or two thirds. I don’t think we re-sign him regardless after the season.
  20. I personally don't but I get it. A big part of why is because (if rumors are true) when DQ sees a player that fits his scheme and goes for him hard in the paint, then he has pretty much been right in a big way. I got trust in that factor.
  21. Not in the NFL. Not how it works. You can say his overall game has flaws, but in the right situation, he can get to the QB
  22. Take away those 2 games and he still had 9 sacks. Getting a single sack in the NFL shows skill. 15.5 sacks isn’t luck.
  23. This is who the Republicans chose to the highest office in the land.
  24. It was a fluke
  25. It's funny, but guys like Big Dex and Zach Allen might be the best picks for us. Allowing us to open up Grady, Vic, Takk and Senat.
  26. Highest likelihood to commit at this point is probably Sherman. Maybe Saturday or Sunday... Wouldn't anticipate multiples this weekend going public... It's possible... But not likely.
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