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  2. WTF? This is game 6 of the ALCS and each team went with an "opener" tonight? WTF? I hate this "opener" crap and the way pitchers are handled these days!! I'll never agree with it!!
  3. Lets get this thing going
  4. I think Miller is versatile enough to ask him to do the job we’ll require him to do. We can worry about having the right personnel when the new coach gets here. For me if thee opportunity presented itself and we some how managed to get Miller I’d be jumping over the moon the guys just good and adds much need leadership to this team on that side of the ball.
  5. I think our main pass rush problem is that the QB can get rid of the ball so fast because the recievers are wide open. A decent secondary would let our guys get there
  6. post of the day
  7. game over man game over.. whew a 3 touchdown win.. it was ugly that 1st half..
  8. So you’d not want to try and cue what has murdered the Falcons for how long and get a CB ok cool I think differently on this I’m taking the best pass rusher in the league everyday of the week.
  9. Meanwhile, Michigan is getting pummeled. I remember when Harbaugh was hired. Every UMich fan I knew was so confident that they'd own the Big 10. LoL.
  10. The problem is the personnel. Grady can play 3-4 DE, Miller OLB, but we need a massive NT. We also need some bigger LBs.
  11. True. I also indicated in my first post that maybe he goes back to FS and improves, but we needed a Slot CB with Poole leaving... Teams are attacking us all over the place as it is.
  12. I could get behind that but how likely is it to happen?
  13. They played together at Georgia (If my mind serves me correct) You know bobo will tell Kirby. I got the offense and piss off.
  14. If I'm trading picks id rather get a quality CB
  15. As opposed to our secondary holding up for 4-5 seconds because our DEs aren’t getting there . I’d take Vonn Miller in a heartbeat off load VB44 and not blink doing it. As a scenario to cure what ales us right now it makes sense. 2nd or 3rd round pick **** yes.
  16. Me and my buddy were just talking about Bobo hoping he would get fired. Kirby's defense with Bobos offense would own.
  17. WR's are young and inexperienced and TE's are underutilized but Richt would choke on this too
  18. Mike McCarthy, Mike Shanahan, Tom Coughlin, or outside chance: Rex Ryan. I seriously doubt we will see another hire with no head coaching experience until the day comes we are rebuilding.
  19. Von is a dawg and would love to have him here!
  20. If the QB can get the ball out in under 2 seconds like they have been it wont matter. LT in his prime couldnt get sacks with our secondary playing how they are.
  21. When Mike Bobo is fired. We should give him a call.
  22. I need an excuse to type @JDaveG's not here man
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