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  2. I thought it was one of his coach speak terms? Who started it?
  3. Nah, he gone!
  4. Blank has always thought with his heart instead of his head as owner of the Falcons.
  5. Not to worry, we'll squander the pick.
  6. I sure like what I hear from him. I haven't heard quite enough to make a decision though. Wonder what everyone else thinks about him?
  7. Interesting. That's a strange way to spell Von Miller.
  8. We are all lost souls now!
  9. I remember they called it the brothership early on. Who started this in Flowery Branch?
  10. That’s what I got from it. He said a few weeks ago when they asked him about giving it up, he said no at the time, but also hinted that if it came to that and it was best for the team he would.
  11. I believe you meant " Shane Ray... he's getting his fix, and things".
  12. Honestly, could you even explain what the 2019 Falcons are? They clearly don’t know. Every week it’s a comedy of errors were the more talented team gets blown out. Sad really
  13. All I've seen Vic Beasley and Tak McKinley do is bull rush and neither is strong enough to do that. They need to get to work using their hands and hips like Chuck said.
  14. Then Blank does not have a clue, and I thought he did. Not that TD is any better than a spam sandwich for lunch, but if he cannot see that Quinn is in over his head out there on the field then we are all lost.
  15. They both need to go but glad Blank has seen how horrible TD is at building trenches. 11 years and Ryan gets pressured every play and our D might not get double digit sacks as a team this year. Pathetic and its TDs fault our lines have sucked for a decade.
  16. This x a million!!
  17. Take a flyer on orchard
  18. Orchard was a Hendricks award winner. Bounced about a bit in NFL. Nice size guy and good athlete, but can’t stick with a team for some reason
  19. No it was not created by Quinn. It was overhyped but it was not created by him
  20. This is sad my brother. Sad but so true.
  21. I don’t even know who anymore man. Just sad
  22. To many bad on and off field decisions around the team to allow DQ to still be here. Hes basically forced ABs hand the only question really to be confirmed is if TD joins him.
  23. Well **** I don’t know lol. One site says Dallas, one says Atlanta. He doesn’t have anything on his twitter but he’s followed by the Falcons. September 27 article on Falcoholic says he was resigned to the PS. Guess I gotta look for the practice squad members lol Atlanta Falcons official site says he came back before the Titans game
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