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  2. The team that drafts Ferguson is gonna be happy, this guy produces. Some guys are athletic and don't produce like Gary, but some guys just have the "it" factor. Fuguson will be the blue collar guy teans covet. Out of all the numbers and yes I like Oliver. I don't like athletes who don't produce. It's not my job to know the numbers but on number is important and that is production
  3. Atlanta Falcons Nick Allegretti, C, Illinois (EW) Zach Allen, DE/3-4DE, Boston College (WOR) DeAndre Baker^, CB, Georgia (WOR, LOC) Parker Baldwin, S, San Diego State (PRI) Austin Bryant, DE/3-4OLB, Clemson (COM) Brian Burns, DE/3-4OLB/OLB, Florida State (COM) John Cominsky, DE, University of Charleston (SR) Maxx Crosby, DE, Eastern Michigan (PRI) Jamal Davis^, OLB, Akron (WOR, PRI) Nate Davis, OT, Charlotte (PRI) Andre Dillard, OT, Washington State (PRI) Kano Dillon, TE, Oregon (EW) Michael Dogbe, DE, Temple (PRI) Cody Ford^, OT/G, Oklahoma (COM, WOR) Lamont Gaillard^, G, Georgia (EW, LOC) Ulysees Gilbert III, OLB/ILB, Akron (WOR) Cameron Glenn, S, Wake Forest (WOR) Terry Godwin, WR, Georgia (EW) Marcus Green, WR, Louisiana-Monroe (PRI) Mecole Hardman^, WR, Georgia (WOR, LOC) Kelvin Harmon, WR, N.C. State (COM) Will Harris, S, Boston College (WOR) Wes Hills, RB, Slippery Rock (PRI) Cole Holcomb, OLB, North Carolina (PRI) Tytus Howard^, OT, Alabama State (PRI, PRO) Martez Ivey, OT/G, Florida (EW) Isaiah Johnson, CB, Houston (WOR) Dexter Lawrence, DT/3-4DE/NT, Clemson (COM) Justin Layne, CB, Michigan State (PRI) Chris Lindstrom, G, Boston College (WOR) Kaleb McGary^, OT, Washington (WOR, PRI) Isaac Nauta, TE, Georgia (COM) Tyler Newsome, P, Notre Dame (WOR) Ed Oliver^, DT, Houston (COM, PRI) Trey Pipkins, OT, Sioux Falls (EW) Ryan Pope, OT, San Diego State (EW) Riley Ridley, WR, Georgia (COM) Deonte Roberts, ILB, Rutgers (PRO) Miles Sanders, RB, Penn State (WOR) Duke Shelley, CB, Kansas State (WOR) David Sills, WR, West Virginia (SR) Matt Sokol, TE, Michigan State (EW) Easton Stick, QB, North Dakota State (EW) Jordan Ta'amu, QB, Ole Miss (EW) Jawaan Taylor, OT, Florida (WOR) Cody Thompson, WR, Toledo (EW) D'Andre Walker, 3-4OLB/OLB, Georgia (LOC) Christian Wilkins, DT/3-4DE/NT, Clemson (COM) Joejuan Williams, CB, Vanderbilt (WOR) Chase Winovich, DE/3-4OLB/OLB, Michigan (PRI) Rock Ya-Sin, CB, Temple (LOC) Any Players missing? Pick your player the Falcons pick in the first, Picks in later rounds, very rarely, do the Falcons pick a player they didn't workout! I think Calvin Ridley was the first time in a while we picked a 1st round player not on it! I hope we are able to keep local boys Riley Ridley, WR, Georgia and Will Harris, S, Boston College home. I really like Cole Holcomb, OLB, North Carolina in the later rounds too!
  4. Don’t tease omg that would be amazing. Been on the Wilkins train for awhile if Wilkins is our guy I wouldn’t be mad to jump Miami with a trade with Green Bay. If we stay put I’ve said before I wouldn’t mind trading up with our 2nd pick.
  5. Pass rusher even if it's a lber
  6. Today
  7. Agreed. Just becoming a little less optimistic each year, unfortunately
  8. I doubt it. I would guess NE, PIT, NO, GB and BAL won more since Dimi took the job in 2008. Maybe SEA, PHI and DEN too. One thing's for sure they all won at least one Bowl over that span. So did NYG. As for the last six seasons, I'd guess 15-20 teams won more games. 16 won more last year. Based on those numbers, I'm not sure how they arrive at Dimi being the 5th best GM in the league.
  9. He was. Dude must be thinking of Alford.
  10. Yes he was. trufant was given the contract at the end of the 2016 season,.which ended with him on I.R.
  11. One good OLineman (Bloodline) and one good DLineman (Jarrett) in 11 years? Got to be one of the worst 11 year trench draft runs, featuring the likes of Jelly, Puddin, Sackmaker, Bustley, King Konz, Dead President, My Johnson, Snot, Fake Rogers, Swipester, Brawley, Haggleman and Reynolds Wrap. Good grief.
  12. What three playoff berths? 2013 - 4-12 2014 - 6-10 2015 - 8-8 2016 - 11-5 - playoff berth 2017 - 10-6 - playoff berth 2018 - 7-9 A losing record and only two playoff berths in the last six seasons, including a historical SB loss.
  13. Is this a yearly thing? I’d like to see how accurate their predictions end up being. Thanks for posting it.
  14. Thanks. I enjoyed that
  15. @Artys Arryn we can be best friends. I love your mock.
  16. Can Nate Davis handle RT in the NFL? With his long arms, I don't mind his relatively short stature. He is a tough guy with great strength; the question is whether he has the feet to handle edge rushers.
  17. Brian Burns was available in your mock. I would be on the fence with this pick. I would probably finally go with Lawrence, but it would not be an easy choice for me. I don't care for Ferguson much, he is an average athlete. I would pull the trigger on a developmental OT like Tytus Howard in the second. Harmon is a fantastic pick. I like the rest of your picks. Good job.
  18. Interesting read
  19. I’m talking about something else. I also don’t expect Freeman to make it much longer
  20. He always has looked like a weirdo to me but honestly he surprises and hits on alot of picks. I think the 3 guys with pioli have really helped square up the defensive line. I think they select guys they like and that are good but I kinda feel like they don't really build the team. Maybe this year we will get bigger on all sides of the ball. I feel like that has what we have been missing. Just having the big men that are nasty in one on one situations. We have been kinda like a finesse team and that's not bad but we lack that teams dislike playing us quality
  21. Maybe I'm tired. But i could have sworn he was injured before the contract
  22. Swift is a cool guy. Minus the horror stories I've heard rumors about with no proof.
  23. I think more people understand the realities of actually trying to impeach Trump than we reflexively want to give them credit for.
  24. I don't regret Yugoslavia tbf. If anything that should have happened sooner
  25. Yeah, that's not that great, hjerry ---- but I have a feeling the sacks would increase as they get acclimated to the, it would depend on which team/situation they're in. I like Burns! And to be compared to Jadaveon Clowney, makes it even better!!! Besides, according to Smitty, "sacks aren't everything" --- Haha!
  26. Their best projection for this year is just over 5 sacks a year? Ouch
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