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  2. That was the plan...and welp...
  3. And I hope Chase Young is as good as the Bosa brothers. Don't know who else you could be talking about, my brain is failing me right now. BTW, I was all over wanting Joey Bosa when he came out. I just haven't watched Ohio State this year to know anything about Chase Young.
  4. Why do I get the feeling you're not really laughing...
  5. Well I'm not. I think Wisconsin is the best team in college football and can't wait for that Wisconsin/Ohio State game.
  6. Not that I disagree about Campbell being garbage, I assume you're a grown man and if that is the case please don't "DefailDre" people's names. It just makes you look like you're 7.
  7. You don't have to be a true #1 to be an upgrade over Flowers.
  8. The secondary is a much bigger issue than the pass rush
  9. With DQ taking over, I really wanted to see Campbell blitzing more and less in coverage. I think the coverage is a domino that fell once Keanu got hurt.
  10. Give what kind of signs to players on the field? I could see it working if they were giving signs to the batter but what would they be telling the fielders?
  11. Oh don’t worry this is just article one of many
  12. Was going to make the drive for the Houston game, but after they got molested the first 4 games I decided the team wasn't worth my time and support this year.
  13. Jalen Ramsey was one of those players I'd be okay trading for. Hes a legit shut down CB.
  14. Massive! Like, at least... hundreds of people! If I was anywhere near there I'd gladly crack a couple stink bombs just to be a **** about it.
  15. She had that look the whole time. Watch the video... /js
  16. Well I wasn’t replying to you when I made that list. I was relying to the guy that said OSU guys get stomped in the NFL. And 4 of those guys were defensive lineman.
  17. Automated umps still need some tweaking.
  18. Robert Saleh could.
  19. Hoping Goff and Rams have 600 yards of offense. Cant afford to blow a top pick like last year.
  20. Worrilow was top 3 in tackles almost every year, this means he was doing his job and nearly as good as kuechly.
  21. Dan Quinn Starts and stops with Dan Quinn
  22. I don’t care what the reason is my guy has regressed . I excused his play last year because of what he was tasked with but this year there is no excuse . He hasn’t looked good & id like to see Grace get his reps .
  23. So, you guys are ready to bench the team leader in tackles? I look at those film clips and see Takks fault on one, Jones' fault on 2 others and one just an unlucky missed tackle on DeVondre. Credit the receiver. Everyone just seems to be trying to find blame somewhere. Throwing darts, but hitting nothing.
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