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  2. Facebook makes way more sense when you know that they partnered with the Daily Caller for news curation and "fact checking."
  3. Once again, my condolences for your butthurt.
  4. Id want to go whichever route Sanu prefers. If he wants to stay a Falcon we should keep him. If he wants to play for a contender we should trade him to one.
  5. 44 - 30 Rams in a horribly ugly defensive debacle before 47,612 screaming empty seats.
  6. My annoyance toward Freeman has decreased.
  7. At least WaPo can be held accountable, unlike the thousands of anonymous FB pages that spread disinformation.
  8. Ah jeez, I have a sickening feeling that we are going to celebrate our next sack as if we just won the Super Bowl.
  9. Yeah bottom tier games
  10. you're condolences don't mean **** to me. so take those condolences and, well.. you know.
  11. Did WaPo not publish that article?
  12. Makes sense let's trade a future HOFer still playing at a high level for a few future picks that may or may not work out. Short memories folks, does anyone Remember those picks or SBs Cleveland won with our 5 picks in the Julio trade? Right, that didn't happen, as a matter of fact, none of those players ever made a pro bowl and none are in the league now.
  13. It didn’t say “read this article a conservative columnist wrote and here are the problems with it”. It said, “read this article wapo just put out”.
  14. Mahomes supposedly out minimum three weeks with dislocated kneecap. MRI right now to see if there's any damage to ligaments etc. That's according to USA Today
  15. Like I said, I had NO CLUE what was discussed previously and was ONLY skimming through and it got a laugh. No more, no less, no hidden agenda. Wasn’t meant to cause ANY Butthurt either way. So not sure why it did. my condolences, however.
  16. Just walked by Gene Chizik at Hartsfield. Carry on.
  17. They can run articles from conservatives. People can also read them and point out that the premise is stupid, which is what they were saying and not whatever the **** you're talking about.
  18. Crazy thing is, I like Sanu so much that I kinda don't want him stuck on this trash team for the rest of the season. Dude has been 110% since joining our franchise. Get value for him now because most likely he will become a cap casualty in the offseason anyways. Don't make the same mistake that we did with Gonzo.
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