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  2. Ok guys, back to baseball...
  3. I like him, he’s good. It makes me even happier we got Lindstrom. It doesn’t really change much with McCoy being very good himself.
  4. Don't care.
  5. Then stop caring
  6. People wanted specific players in a talent poor draft, yet out FO got the most out of it.
  7. Don't care.
  8. But you’re allowed to do what you want.. sure
  9. I just don’t understand what there is for people to complain about.
  10. Atlanta reporters have no backbone, it's nothing new.
  11. Every team builds differently. I see several guys who will probably start and be no less than average by mid season. @Yo_Lover these threads are more about the players not taken.
  12. I am not black but your post is very stupid. However hand me a pitch fork regardless.
  13. The point? Its what real journalists do. Hold people accountable. There is most definitely value in holding their feet to the fire. Will they tell the truth? Idk. But if he is backing off his commitments it should be questioned
  14. There's nothing ironic about it. Try going an entire 24 hours before starting your passive aggressive ******** my man.
  15. But but but. ESPN says.
  16. Irony huh
  17. He's being tossed in to the starting line-up without enough experience. Obviously looks like a weak link and my guess is opposing DC's are going to be testing him early and often. It would be unreasonable to not expect some ups and downs until he can get comfortable.
  18. Let's make a team with these courage award winners!! Yaaayyyyy
  19. Wrong . Post a clan joke . I’ll be on your azzz for acting like a clown as well . What’s good for the goose is good for the gander . Rules are rules here .. all are good minus the “cursing” rule .. it’s childish . Lol .
  20. Who’s crying ? Mr.Feelings? Rules/Law are above feelings.. you’re in yours . That’s why you aren’t objective in how you comprehended the responses, girl . Lmfaooo
  21. At some point we have to give credit where credit is due. We may have gotten Matt hit in the past but now we are truly addressing the o line like we never have before. Look what investing in a line has done for the cowboys and saints.
  22. Lol, Vegas definitely has its own qualities, but the is truly only 1 Jamaica, it has its own character unlike any of the other islands. I always tell my friends if they go for first time, when a local approaches you and asks if it’s your first time in Jamaica, tell them you’ve been there “several times”. Otherwise the entire island will know within 10 minutes there is fresh tourist meet that doesn’t know the local scams. Man, they are better than anywhere I’ve ever been at scamming you! Even kids 8 years old will hustle you. I thought I was pretty smart and aware until my first time in Jamaica!
  23. 1 sack. He got 1 single sack without Grady. Also who the **** cares about some made up team award?
  24. im honestly not sure. for now hes brian hill until further notice
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