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  2. TD is one of the worst GM's in the league when it comes to building the Trenches. 11 years and our QB gets hit every play and we've gone 4 games without a sack. This is why TD needs to get fired.
  3. Left Twix or Right Twix?
  4. So lemme guess...Buffalo says they'll take Beasley if we give them our first round pick in 2020
  5. $33M I think. Falcons could do the same thing though the rest of the window with Ryan. We really just need help getting past 2020.
  6. What’s stupid about this is how there are so many people who only listen to **** like this. My dad listens to Mark Levin and watches Fox News and OAN all the time. He doesn’t really like Trump, he does like Pence... but since he only consumes news and pundits that cover the right in the best possible way, his entire impression of Trump is that he has been a great president. But my dad also says my apartments were probably built in a rush by wetbacks. I stopped him and reminded him that his grandkids are half Mexican, that their mom is literally just 2 generations removed from Mexican citizens on both sides. He waved it off and said that’s not at all what he’s talking about. Had never seen or heard my dad utter anything like that in my life. Some folks are just on a whole different level.
  7. Highly doubt, and I mean very highly doubt Julio and or Ryan would get moved within the next 2 years. A move like that goes through Blank and he's already stated they're Falcons for life. Those are just 2 guys we're stuck with no matter what the situation is.
  8. Agreed. He had to endure first year as a starter Wes! Should've kept Sark...
  9. Please make the Falcons say yes Buffalo
  10. That's only if you eliminate the offensive playcalling of Koetter. Koetter calls long developing plays unfortunately. Not typically short routes. So it's possible you guys were still susceptible to that but we didn't test you like the tape says we should have.
  11. Being a left hander matters. Look what happened to Mac Jones, a righty, when he came in on Saturday. He almost had his head taken off several times from HIS blindside which was not Tua's. That was in the middle of the game. If you started your season with a lefty it would be different. Of course I love Tua and would love to see him here rather than in Miami!
  12. Good players can’t overcome bad coaches.
  13. Well, the jury is still out on Oliver, at least. I think there's a handful of players that might turn the corner with a new coaching staff.
  14. Don’t do that to yourself
  15. I'll take a Twix and a bar of Butterfingers right now for him...
  16. Thing is, I don't think he's wrong in this case. Whether or not deals actually get made is a whole different matter.
  17. BETO: I am not ****in leavin.
  18. Yea BS, great Edge rushers get snuffed if the DL is as bad as ours. It's silly to want to do the same thing over and over again and think we will get different results
  19. Yup
  20. I'm quite certain that Donald has gone through quite a few people in his career. I wouldn't judge Wes on that one play.
  21. a lot of NFL players smoke, he was just too stupid to not get caught
  22. Why did Grady settle for Cox money? It was an old market comp yet that’s all he got! Hooper ain’t Kelce or Ertz.
  23. Decatur not Marietta. Read the post. And you can believe me or not I really don't care.
  24. Pats got a great player. He deserves all the success.
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