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  2. Yes, I know that doesn't matter this year. but dude, you know what happens when we get rid of players. They go to another team and come back and play us and absolutely destroy us. It's a little less likely if he's in a different conference.
  3. A lot of time has passed since the Falcons recorded a sack. The most recent instance when this occurred was Sept. 22 against the Indianapolis Colts, when Vic Beasley and Takk McKinley shared a sack in the third quarter. Since then, the Falcons have only five quarterback hits the past three weeks. Against Arizona in Sunday’s 34-33 loss, Atlanta registered zero sacks and zero quarterback hits, even with the team dialing up what head coach Dan Quinn said was 17 blitzes. Given this tough stretch to open the year, Atlanta’s defensive line has received the brunt of the criticism for failing to get after the quarterback. And it is more than fair to place a good bit of the blame on the defensive line, considering there are two first-rounders at defensive end whose primary objective is to rush the passer. But the defensive line shouldn’t be asked to absorb all of the scrutiny. While the pass rush has struggled, so has the coverage unit. Those two groups are married together. Without a solid pass rush, the secondary is forced to cover for too long, which inevitably will result in a receiving option getting open. Without good coverage, a quarterback can get the ball out quickly and negate good pass rushers. In last week’s game, the Cardinals got the ball out quickly on a lot of plays, sometimes in fewer than two seconds. This helped prevent the Falcons from getting to rookie quarterback Kyler Murray, who had a banner day. Atlanta’s secondary did little to stop Arizona’s quick game, or even when it went vertical, as Murray racked up 340 passing yards and three touchdowns. Quinn wouldn’t publicly point to whether the pass rush or coverage was more to blame for the team’s inability to affect the quarterback the way he would like. But he noted the two facets of the defense haven’t been aligned properly. “I think the whole thing ties together,” Quinn said. “To be really good on defense, you have to have the whole thing going together. I don’t know if I’d put it on to one or the other. It usually comes down to a combination of things.” The Falcons have allowed numerous completions to take place in three seconds or fewer. They rank 25th in the league at passing yards allowed in three seconds or fewer with 185.7 per game and 27th in defensive completion percentage at 75.2, according to radar360. When that number drops to two seconds or fewer, Atlanta has allowed 67.7 yards per game (30th in the NFL) with an 87.9 completion percentage (32nd in the NFL). In total, teams have completed 71.4 percent of their throws against the Falcons, the third-worst mark in the league. Atlanta’s base defense is a Cover 3 zone, which isn’t too difficult when it comes to concept and terminology. Players have described the defense as simple to understand, with it designed to allow them to read what opposing teams are doing and to react swiftly. The Falcons have struggled with the zone, which prompted defensive passing game coordinator Jerome Henderson to be asked if the unit should turn to more man-to-man defense. But that hasn’t exactly been a strong suit either. “You always have those thoughts,” Henderson said. “When you look at it, we’ve struggled a little bit there, too. We’ve just got struggles in coverage right now. We’ve got to get them fixed.” During the playoffs of Atlanta’s Super Bowl run in 2016, the Falcons executed this defense at a high level. This year, with Quinn taking over play-calling duties for the second time as a head coach, there have been numerous breakdowns in communication. Considering the experience across the board on defense, FOX Sports analyst Charles Davis has been surprised by Atlanta’s defensive performance. “That’s the great mystery to me,” Davis said. “A team like that should have pretty good communication. You have the linebackers who have been out there who ostensibly make the calls. In the secondary, you lose Keanu Neal, but you’ve got Ricardo Allen. That’s another guy who makes calls in the secondary. Yet I’m seeing breakdown after breakdown, big play after big play. That doesn’t make sense to me because this defense is really set up to take away big plays. It’s a defense that’s set up to where if you’re going to get them you’re going to have to bleed it downfield to get them.” Davis said that for this defense to work, the pass rush has to apply pressure on the quarterback, which forces short throws underneath. Defenders are then in place to keep the gains at a minimum. On third down, the pass rush starts from the middle with the rest of the defense working in conjunction. Although Davis called Neal “one of the great chess pieces when he’s healthy,” Davis doesn’t have an explanation as to why the Falcons have performed as poorly as they have on that side of the ball. He did mention, however, that he has seen the Falcons’ cornerbacks struggle quite a bit when reviewing the tape. And that’s an area NFL defenses can’t help with extra defenders too often, considering the hole that rolling a safety could leave elsewhere. “All in all, it’s not a defense that you look at on the surface and say, ‘OK, that’s one of the more complex terminologies in the league,’” Davis said. “They know what the coverages are, they play them, they tune them up, they play them well. I think that’s why I’m surprised at the number of breakdowns and big plays that have been given up.” The Falcons rank 27th in pass defense (271.2 yards per game), and they are tied for 32nd in sacks with five through six games. If Atlanta is to turn its season around, these numbers need to somehow turn around quickly. “The pass rush and the coverage go hand in hand,” Henderson said. “If we don’t buy them time, they can’t get there. Sometimes, they can help our coverage with their rush. It works hand in hand, and we need to have a partner relationship, that the coverage is working and the rush is working. We’re trying this week to get that fixed.”
  4. They would score 30, minimum
  5. Its just funny to me how there's a group of posters who seem Favorited and can say whatever they want. Anyone else says anything outside of their perspective, we get drug thru the dirt. It's cool tho! It's actually hilarious to me.
  6. The bold is what some of us were saying this year. People thought this was a top five unit in the making. I just wanted them to truly sniff the mid teens for once. Luckily, like you said, they invested in the OL so that shouldn't need more more to finalize. We'll see man. I'm just ready for change.
  7. No you didn't, as evidenced by this wildly ignorant post.
  8. Yeah, I'm in no hurry to go back to the days of Joey Harrington and Byron Leftwich at QB.
  9. Hope y'all drafted Hoop like I did. He been pretty consistent.
  10. Remember that year, month, week, DAY when POTUS Completely on his own accord and without consulting his top advisers 1) gave an authoritarian thug (because he asked) the green light to displace and slaughter our allies who sacrificed thousands of lives to almost eradicate ISIS, 2) Re-established ISIS as a threat 3) gave Russia a foothold in the mideast, then bragged because he maybe got the thug to stop murdering our allies for a few days to get the **** out of their homes 4) Admitted to doing a complete end run around the Constitution to withhold defense missiles from our ally in order to gain a political advantage and aid an adversary 5) Held a press conference to announce he was wiping his *** with the Emoluments Clause of the U.S. Constitution (and more) And you STILL thought he was remotely qualified for the job and mocked the rest of us? Yeah . . . that was the day your idiocy wasn't even worth the entertainment value and I put you on ignore forever.
  11. I don't think we need a new RB. Ito is good and should be the lead back next year. Koetter offenses aren't kind to RBs. Look at what Barber and Jones are doing in Tampa with a new philosophy. Both were considered bad RBs last year but seem to be rejuvenated this year. Last year Tampa ran for 1523 yards under Koetter and in 2017 they ran for 1448. This year (Under Arians) they are on pace for 1789.
  12. Already addressed, Gampie. The fake/scm/Dems (when regarding the GOP) conspiracy is treated as fact. When it doesn't benefit the fake/scm/Dems, then fact are treated as conspiracy Just facts that WFW happens ascribe to, whereas @Big_Dog happens to ascribe to the fake/scm/Dems like the Gospel. Just go listen to you savior, Grampie, Pe"King" James...
  13. So it's everyone else's fault that your opinion is terrible?
  14. Because the game is being played on Thursday? He will do Saturday games as well. Airplanes do exist.
  15. PAIN!!!!
  16. Question for everyone saying how much more important SS is than FS. New England has had an excellent defense for a while now and is absolutely ridiculous this season. For a while they've been playing a castoff in Patrick Chung at SS and a legit star at FS in Devin McCourty. How do you explain that? Who is more important?
  17. I dont know. That's really tough to trade Anderson. He has the highest potential of anyone in the system IMO.
  18. I think the hindsight pick is Braden Smith. He's a very good player who fills a need and would have saved the Kaleb McGary pick and trade up for other players.
  19. China denies Morey firing request So what’s the truth?
  20. If it’s good enough for Politics it’s dog on good enough for here!
  21. It's not much fun posting on an 1-5 football team's message board!!!!
  22. It was a Thursday night college commentator...there’s a reason he’s on Thursday nights instead of Saturdays
  23. OP, this thread is really depressing. Did you get a new son-in-law?
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