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  2. Why @WhenFalconsWin is not a lefty
  3. Happy Birthday Tandy, we all love you here at TATF!
  4. They're addicted to losing.
  5. He said Vic Beasley in the same sentence as Grady, Deion and Keanu are game changers. I just can't.
  6. Had no idea you liked wearing women's clothes .
  7. Need to get him a few ab's to see if he can be part of a trade in the next couple weeks.
  8. How was that absolving him? All we managed to accomplish in Syria was prolong the war and human misery there, arm extremely dangerous elements, and weaken the native forces that could have contained ISIS when they took advantage of the total chaos in the country. ****, I was opposed to our intervention there from the start. However, again, that didn't cause the rise of ISIS. What caused that was our invasion and occupation of Iraq. Without that ISIS would have never gotten off the ground.
  9. @Sn4tteRBoxXeR See this is what I'm saying. I'm not a fan of the Democratic establishment because they are content playing in the arena Ronald Reagan created. I guarantee you most congresspeople in the Democratic party would be more comfortable working with Susan Collins than AOC and that to me is a problem.
  10. Nah, that was just the JV team... nevermind
  11. You’re not talking about a racist topic outside of the hard on America has for bombing brown people.
  12. Take this from a November 2018 article: The Bucs have had a ton of offensive talent, in varying degrees, since 2015. I'd say the Falcons have had more on a consistent basis the last three years. Yet, it's the Bucs offense that has proven to be one of the consistently explosive groups in the league. This is with an OL that is average at best (No Matthews, no Mack, no Schraeder). Their best OL was Donovan Smith, a very mediocre LT, and Ali Marpet, who admittedly is a dog. Everyone else sucked. And it wasn't a bunch of screens. They push the ball and push the ball and push the ball. To the tune of leading the NFL in passing yards in 2018 using two different QBs.
  13. The Contract should look similar to this Signing bonus: $25 million ($12.5 million with 10 days of execution; $12.5 million payable on 4/15/2020) Guaranteed money: $50.5 million Fully guaranteed at signing: $37.5 million New money total: $60 million ($82 million over 5 years) Contract length: Three-year extension Average per year: $20 million We would pick up $3.5 million of cap room with the renegotiated contract for this year. Jones' 2020 cap number (this is the tricky year) increases by $5 million because of the addition of signing bonus proration with his scheduled salary next year staying the same. The cap numbers in the last four years of the deal are fairly manageable given the size of the contract. There isn't a big variance in those years. The Good: we could exit the deal in 2022 after Jones' guarantees run out without adverse cap consequences if necessary. There would be a $10 million cap charge from the bonus proration in the final years, which would result in a gain of $9.5 million in cap space. Jones would have earned $29.5 million more than he is scheduled to make under his existing contract for playing one more year
  14. so this is more likely than Julio getting $20mm/yr? M'kay...
  15. Kinda like the 100 threads a week about Ryan...
  16. Blank is ballin so hard haha I love that this organization takes care of it’s players.
  17. Over the Cap agrees with you- they have his cap hit for this year as 11 mil.
  18. The dude trolls every thread. Everything he posts is negative. **** just gets annoying.
  19. Notice how neither one of us is calling each other a racist? It's nice eh? Also I'm a pretty hard core righty economically. I am not a moderate when it comes to economics. I'm a full Milton Friedman fiscal conservative.
  20. You are wrong to absolve Obama from this. Obama and Hillary dumped a ton of support to Syrian rebels in 2012 including supplying arms. Guess where ISIS got the majority of its weapons? Pulling out of Iraq prematurely in 2011 also didn't help as it created a power vacuum filled in by ISIS.
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