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  2. Queue the Dan Q frownstare pic
  3. If he is, it will mean we really suck defensively.
  4. I love Roddy. My heart initially sunk. Phew
  5. Change your name to scabenger hunter my man. This is YOUR moment. #Shine
  6. Yeah because they're his scouts. These aren't mayocks scouts
  7. Son of a....that will get you ARRESTED these days?? That's effed up.
  8. Nice Highlight reel for Matt Ryan. Making Julio turn WR to Safety all in one play
  9. Why can’t we go OT 1st, CB 2nd. Or vice versa
  10. While I’m not certain the WR position warrants s 20 mill avg contract, if anyone does it’s Julio
  11. Sarkisian was his coach the year before That is the only exception we have ever made
  12. Seriously. He needs to be more of a team player. HehbeHehhe
  13. If you pay attention to the board you’ll see the number of people who don’t really care outweigh the number of people who do care. Don’t just make it about me
  14. I wouldn't take him for 2 other reasons. He's capped out physically. Dude trains with NFL big see his legs?? He has plateaued as an athlete. Secondly, the injuries are very concerning. He did look good after but dont want the potential of problems early in his career. Quinnen is the only guy I would trade up for and if he drops to 3 or 4...I think TD and co make a move. Need some nasty on the DL. Lawrence or Wilkins wouldnt be a bad fallback but get me a playmaker at DT.
  15. There may have been interviews that we're not aware of, (secret secret )
  16. Plenty of people care. It would be nice to know our franchise player is locked up and happy. And it would probably free up some cap this year to hopefully work out a deal for Grady. Also Deion Jones is up for his new deal as well... Meaning it would be the first domino to fall. Just because you don’t care doesn’t mean everyone doesn’t care....
  17. Nobody brings it up except one person then the rest chime in. Outside of that no one really cares
  18. Personally if we can't move up for Oliver and Gary is gone I'd move down a few spots and take Simmons who I think is a top 5 player in this class. However I don't think we take him with out 1st, not because of his assault but rather this team has Superbowl aspirations and I feel DQ wants a player that can help day 1.
  19. You can never doubt his effort.
  20. Not really, but ok.
  21. False teachers indeed
  22. Ok, you question it. I don’t. I see a bunch of players like Takk and Beasley that might have better stats if we had more weapons up the middle. It’s not JUST the stats that Quinnen would bring - it’s how he would help others eat as well. Take none other than Julio. The opposing defense is so obsessed with him that others get singled up and eat. As good as Ridley is, he doesn’t get to 10 TDs his rookie year on any other NFL team.
  23. FOOL! You think you can stop the internet from pointless conjecture with no evidence to back it up?
  24. Maybe he takes someone’s spot and helps cut the cap. If he’s hungry I think he makes it assuming the price is right.
  25. That only matters to a small group of people
  26. the one on the right has come for your soul
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