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  2. Tandy take your time there is no getting over them. It’s learning to live physically without them trust me I know. Hang onto those great memories. It’s hard it’s a lot of tears but reaching out is the right thing to do. I then realized a lot of people shared my pain and the two constants I keep hearing is you learn to live again and it does get easier with time. God Bless Tandy
  3. I posted a bald faced lie to go along with a true story to make a point? Okay?
  4. False. Sorry man they’re not. They’re dogs. Dawgs wear red and black
  5. May God and the many blessings ABF can offer lift up and touch Tandy's heart.
  6. Huskies are dawgs too
  7. Ryan’s first game in the NFL
  8. Great actors rip Miguel ferrer
  9. Should have found a way to trade already
  10. I posted two things together to make a point about the attack on Graham, but you choose to ignore that and you accept the gay-shaming thrown at Graham. That is despicable and something a low energy left lemming would do.
  11. Let’s see his first season before we crown him
  12. I'm not seeing what y'all are seeing. I really don't think he was worth the 31st pick. JMO. I think he has a lot of work to do before he is our starting RT. I believe right now it's Sambrailo's job to lose.
  13. Nice! That's what I get for being on here at work!
  14. 20+ sacks we keep him. 10+ means another fluke season and a high comp pick. Let him go
  15. PASS RUSH Takk is a WarDaddy and plays hard every snap. Still needs the same effort on the other side and Vic just looks confused after the speed move fails. Lack of depth at DE is a real problem. Can Quinn overcome it? Not without talent. Try-hard guys with experience are gone from the team, this is our most glaring need. SECONDARY Trufant owns his position but needs to be more consistent, Oliver has yet to prove anything and I am surprised he is named starter already. Kazee could easily be moved to his position if Oliver gets exposed and becomes a liability. Neal is a monster against the run but cannot cover a TE or RB to save his life. Neal is a liability in man to man and we have seen OCs take advantage of the matchup (KC, NE, NO, etc). New talent (Sheffield) makes camp interesting and I believe we will see some changes before the Vikings game. OFFENSIVE LINE Nobody knows what this is going to be yet. The talent is there we hope, but in all honesty these 2 FAs were available for a reason, Lindstrom looks like the real deal but McGary may be a bigger project than his selection position suggests. I hope he proves everyone wrong and becomes the beast he seems to be capable of becoming. IF this line can improve on its performance last season and provide a menacing run game, the offense has a real chance to be elite. BOTTOM LINE Quinn has to field the nastiest linemen on both sides of the ball if the Falcons are going to excel. With the mix of rookies, FAs and vets reporting, he has a chance to make this team very different from last season. Here's hoping he will be bold and will feature athletes in their natural positions without thought to where they were drafted and by whom.
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  17. Hoping the best for her.
  18. I think Julio was being sincere when he said he didn't care about being the highest paid. I think he wants a fully guaranteed contract for less money overall.
  19. Maybe we should start Charlie Culberson next time through. Hes on pace to have the lowest ERA in MLB history.
  20. Also you (?): "Only All-Pro players can say things."
  21. But one bad MF dinosaur at that! Instead of Francy, i’m Gonna start calling you Tyran Rex.
  22. I feel this.way too.they will still win.9-10 games but I think we split with them and end 11-5 with a 5-1 divisiin record
  23. Thoughts and prayers don't do anything tangible. We should take up a collection and donate.
  24. I can.see the point of view, but Ryan being a top qb in three different systems gives him the edge to me. Russ has be nefited from superior and stable.coaching. I do like wilsons ability to make.something from nothing, but Matts ability to make ****e olines look good, stand in the .pocket,.deliver strikes and take a beating doing so. y They both make some pretty bad olines look.adequate
  25. Stay strong Tandy!
  26. Sorry, I was just joking around and that post came across the wrong way.
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