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  2. What an absolute disaster Kaleb McGary in the 2nd would be. I wouldn’t touch him until the 5th round. Terrible OT prospect with little arms and awful foot quickness (I don’t care whatever his combine numbers may be, watch the tape). He’d be better as a guard, whether good or bad, instead of an OT. No reason to use a 2nd rounder on a guard after adding Carpenter and Brown, AND when there’d be better guard prospects available. Yikes to McGary in the 2nd. That’d be similar to punting on 2nd down on the opponents 35 yard line.
  3. I really like how over the course of the last months, the player rankings adjust. In the past, Oliver would almost always fall to #14 but he never does anymore. I agree with what people are saying about we won't have 9 picks in the draft so this isn't always a useful exercise, but this is how my mock turned out:
  4. Nice thread Gazoo. If Hageman was still here, we wouldn't have been able to afford him.
  5. Wth is a "Head scrater"?
  6. Bragging about internet points... That's sad.. even for you man.
  7. I know what you are saying. The NFL is not going to risk a lawsuit by letting a player onto the field that the doctors say no to. In the end....the players have to take the bulk of the responsibility. If the docs say a player can play, the league clears it and a team is willing to sign that player.... somewhere the player has to bear some of the responsibility, you know? After all its -his- body...
  8. I know you’ve been around here a while 567, can you tell me what that powder blue ribbon with a white heart on it means that showed up on the top right corner first post? I may not have been able to see it clearly, the red color was beaming off my screen so brightly from all the likes it was somewhat obscured.
  9. VB lost the home address.....but yeah I like Dex
  10. If we can shet the draft chart —- go get the Big Q! Game changing playmaker we need
  11. Something does need to be done about the bullpen......but atleast it is not a problem exclusive to the Braves.
  12. Agreed. So why not carry a touch less weight to be quicker
  13. Today
  14. The mocks on here are very similar this year down to the late round picks so its pretty much inevitable
  15. clubbing days been over for a If Im out this late....Im making money
  16. No thanks
  17. Do not think Bush we be there but if it fell like that Bush is the man.
  18. Strength I don’t thinks an issue 34 plus inch arm length moving 225 for 36 reps is pretty impressive.
  19. He speaks well and comes off as genuine. He's likable. He can speak to any crowd and come off as an "okay" guy. All that aside I just don't know that he taps into anything deeper than that. I don't think he can fire up the crowd that is gonna be needed to beat Trump. That crowd isn't worried about mending fences and joining together as Americans. They are worried about surviving and he doesn't speak to them. I don't hate the guy and he has a place. He's an impressive person. He's just not the nominee that is needed to beat Trump.
  20. Hmmmm. Andre Dillard? Devin Bush? Nasir Adderly? Jerry Tillery? Would any of these guys be considered a head scratcher as a surprise 1st round pick? Not saying either would be bad or good, but just...’unexpected’ because you don’t hear their names often as a possibility.
  21. It’s a bit early to be getting home from the club man. ; )
  22. I sit in 300 section and love it though I believe 200 provides best views (more expensive though). You should be able to post on here closer to game time and find out about tailgaiting - someone will likely say you can come to theirs. There are also things closer to the stadium where you can toss footballs, buy beer, they have music etc. How long are you in town?
  23. Trade chart is starting point but depend on many factors
  24. He's a scabenger hunter.
  25. Just getting home....I cant believe they came back....great win ..
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