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  2. and it's easier for me to say quick throw pro than quid pro quo.
  3. At this point I’m 100% ok with moving on from Evans and taking Gibbs. He’s legit.
  4. But my point is...even scrambling QB's do way better with a decent OL, run game, and defense. So we should be fixing those broken parts that benefit whichever type of QB. It's insane that our D and OL are struggling as much as they are with how many picks/money we've put in there.
  5. Not if we have something to say about it!
  6. Nah, just the way you worded it was confusing. No big deal.
  7. close, on my outdated tablet that stopped allowing capitalization.
  8. These "fans" that yearn for championships want to ship off our legit only elite players. I will never understand.
  9. Imagine if we could trade for prime John Abraham all over again.
  10. old timers confusion, my bad.
  11. Plunking away on the cell, amirite? If I had to guess, you typed that standing up as well.
  12. Turkey got “exactly what they wanted” out of the meeting with Vice President Mike Pence, a senior Turkish official told CNN today. ^^^Is this the winning we were going to get sick of?
  13. You must define elite differently than everyone else. His last five scoring defenses were 20, 19, 24, 15, and 16, which is, you know, SUB-PAR overall.
  14. He was bad during our two games at least in terms of turnovers, but he’s only thrown two INTs since the compared to 11 total TDs.
  15. This article is full of BS, but this is the stinkiest turd in the bunch. Is this DLed in disguise?
  16. If they go before the Senate with only the Ukraine dirt, it'll be simple for the Senate Republicans to hold their nose and keep him in office. The Dems need to get the Senate to acquit him of obstruction, collusion, violations of the FCPA, emoluments violations and shooting someone in the middle of 5th Avenue so that some of the voters in senatorial red and purple states will have something to chew on when they go to the polls next year. Every Republican might not be comfortable with a senator who is capable of ignoring a president who wipes his plump pale crack with the Constitution.
  17. This could actually wind up being true. Joe Burrow has looked **** good going against much better competition than Tua.
  18. Ah, you were talking about Sondland. I thought you were saying the Ukranian ambassador -- the ambassador for Ukraine -- had made a statement. Yeah, Sondland's testimony is very revealing. But Mulvaney's confession kind of makes a lot of it moot. Mulvaney said outright there was a quid pro quo.
  19. I acknowledge they play a cupcake schedule outside of their big10 games. But if he looks this good at the end of the season the lack of competition isn’t an issue to me. i admit I may have went a little overboard on my reply and made an assumption the competition comment was a slam on level of competition because it wasn’t an SEC team (hear that a bit from the UGA and SEC homers) my apologies.
  20. The Falcons will lose on that guaranteed money that was something like 90% of his compensation. This article was written for dramatic values—the Falcons are not that stupid to let go of their QB for a rookie QB. These new contracts are player favorable and the team will lose a lot of money. Matt Ryan is not going anywhere and deal with it. Fix the freaking defense and we are good. The offense is fine and the OL will be much better.
  21. Thats not how any of this works. You do understand, that when we are behind and "forced to pass" that the defense also knows we have to pass and are ready for it. If anything that makes it LESS padded. The defense is literally pinning its ears back and attacking the pass play, and yet Matt Ryan still gets it done.
  22. msnbc aired a synopsis of sondland's testimony whereby he said rudy brought the msg from trump about the favor to look at hunter. rudy is a citizen and not a registered lobyist to begin with.
  23. Hes had an elite defense everywhere he went, maybe you are watching games upside down.
  24. I don't think Tua will be the best QB coming out of the draft.
  25. You guys and your obsession with Tua...yikes... To the OP, heck no.
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