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  2. why did it sux LBs sux CB will not tackel and 1 S. No CB depth with a 1st year starter and the other CB will not tackel. Lose a LB and we are right back there again. But hay we got OL.
  3. Like I said. Glad you like it, happy you’re impressed. I’m not hopeful even a little. Weak draft class, the DTs worth taking are on other teams. It’s cool though. Quinn will make it all better.
  4. Lost me at Jalen playing sticky man coverage
  5. The same coach that gave up a 28-3 lead? Sweeeeeeetttttttttt.
  6. We got alot of yards and their defense got off the field alot...
  7. I’ll go one better his name is Dan Quinn our coach. OR would you prefer Marquand Manuel back.
  8. We will with this defense. Let's hope to see some actual upgrades.
  9. But gained a 1st
  10. 7 picks from the 4th to 7th. They will package some of those and move up to the 3rd.
  11. It was the 2nd and 3rd right?
  12. We haven't lost anything yet...
  13. Those were your mocks though. The NFL doesn't operate on our projections. We've already had a handful of projected first rounders fall out of the first. We still have two more rounds where the guys we think will go could drop. I know everyone wanted a DT, I wanted Wilkins too, but this isn't over. This team doesn't need 7 more rookies. I know that much. There's no way we sit out tomorrow night.
  14. Not cause the defense stopped them on the regular. Patriots kept kicking themselves in the nuts killing drives. And yards matter cause you’re keeping your defense on the field
  15. Well I'm not gonna celebrate loses, I guess you like participation trophies.
  16. Welcome to Atlanta G.A. where the players play.
  17. We gave up only a 3rd rounder, essentially. That isn't bad for moving back into the first.
  18. Every year is deep somewhere and every year that doesn't work out.
  19. Frfr. Even this video is low lights, not highlights. It might be time for TD and DQ to go.
  20. I said yards dont really matted. How many points did they have at half time?
  21. He still gets pushed back in the run game. I will admit he's a good pass blocker though and handles stunts well. But again he's not nasty nor violent. And Grady is 3 down 65% of snaps.
  22. The defense is fixed, brother...get used to it, cause it ain't changin' may not like it, but you know it to be true. Are you gonna spend the entire season sulking?
  23. The same can be said the other way around.
  24. We’ve been investing most of our draft capital in the defensive side of the ball since 2014. It’s about time the OL had investment in it via the draft. People complain about the D but we have 2 first round picks at DE, a pair of first round starters at CB, some top players in Jarrett, Debo and Neal. I don’t dispute that we need to add more talents and depth at DT, DE, CB and LB, but we have plenty of picks to get it. Our defensive minded HC needs to prove his worth and start coaching up the defensive talent he’s got.
  25. The Patriots had 250 yards at halftime
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