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  2. Yet, we lost the coin toss at the end of regulation in the Super Bowl.
  3. Don't agree w/ your assessment. Mike smith was an incredible hire. He may have worn out his welcome, but he turned this ship around and made us relevant again. He has EXACTLY what we needed after Pigtrino. Also, you can only hire whoever is available. Look at the Head Coaching hires for 2015: Dan Quinn Rex Ryan Gary Kubiak (Who we had no Shot at) Todd Bowles John Fox Jim Tomsula Jack Del Rio We landed the hottest name on the market and at the time, who was clearly the right pick for us. Cant blame TD for it not working out these last 2 years. Also, TD, IMO, has clearly demonstrated that he is building rosters based heavily on coaches input. Look at the differences in drafting between the Smith regime and the Quinn regime. Night and Day. I dont see how you fault him for this roster under-performing, especially when 90% of the fans and media said this was a championship caliber roster before the season. If anything, his only real faults are remaining too loyal to home-grown talent (Though I suspect that's more on AB than TD).
  4. Lol. Minkah hasn’t been what you think but it’s your opinion. Most dolphin fans were split on losing him. It is what it is. When he first became a dolphin he wanted to play multiple positions. When that didn’t work out he changed his stance. That’s not opinion, it’s true.
  5. The only problem with what you posted its the fact that he made the comment after three people, who happen to be urbanites, endorsed someone. Are we now to the point where only rural politicians should endorse Democrats? And if they do, will be laud the endorsement for being "rural" converse to the way he expressed concern over them being "urban"? He could have easily stated that it might help Bernie with urban voters while not moving the needle with rural voters. He was either being borderline racist in his assessment or extremely lazy in his communication of it. Neither is a good look.
  6. You changed your name for a reason. Dont make yourself have to do it again.
  7. Idk how you sit here everyday so happy to praise Ryan and perhaps its not dawn on you we are you have no pride at all to win?
  8. The Rams have been on a losing streak just like the Falcons, but one team will finally end that losing streak and it won't be our Falcons. Goff only threw for 78 yards last game, that will change against the Falcons bend and break defense. He'll go for 271 yards and 3 TDs, one to Kupp, Gurley, and Cooks. Gurley will have 3 total TDs (1 receiving, 2 rushing) 193 total yards from scrimmage. Josh Brown will hit a 48 yarder. The Falcons offense will score twice. Freeman receiving touchdown, and a touchdown to Gage. Matt Ryan will be sacked 5 times, throw for 342 yards 2 TDs, 2 INTs 1 Fumble lost. The Falcons will amass a total of 12 penalties in the game, and turn the ball over 4 times. Once on special teams on a botched punt. Final score 38 - 14 Rams.
  9. Falcons trying to introduce Vic on the trade market...
  10. 1-5 says alot, no way we should be such a horrible team
  11. Oh yeah, he was so raw coming into the league but physically? If Graham can become a true Joker TE compliment to Hooper, we won't miss Sanu as much and with a D we won't miss him at all. If they find a way to keep him? Okay, but if he yields a 3rd rounder or something like that and you knew he was a big candidate for cut after season?
  12. ****. Maybe I should’ve come out there for the Seahawks game.
  13. Yeah, and I cannot help but get the feeling that they reaaaaally seem to want Gage to step his game up to the next level & be that guy to replace Sanu moving forward, but the dude just can't seem to stay on the field.
  14. It doesn't pay to 'Rile-y The Duke'.
  15. Huh? You said he wanted to be Swiss army then said he wanted to be boundary? Which is it? He also barely played boundary, they lined him up at safety mostly. His potential has yet to be seen
  16. Exactly. If Sanu is a big part of flipping this Defense; as the 4th or 5th weapon now a days behind RB targets, Hoop, Julio, and Ridley? A better D; even average, is worth Sanu for say Gage or Zaccheaus/Blake emerging just from guys on roster today.
  17. The fact that Beasley is on the trading block speaks volumes about DQ's dim future as the HC. Duke Riley is another player that he beamed over and is in Philly now.
  18. I honest to God thought we were winning the NFCC this season, and I have NEVER said that in the 40 years I've been a fan. The Falcons, The City, and the Fans will never recover from LI. This is our footnote in NFL history, highlight film for every other team. 19 points given up in a single quarter, 2 quarters with out scoring a single point. The problem is evident, you can see his name here
  19. I was going to buy my son a Falcons jersey but then my wife said 'Isn't that a choking hazard?' Is this thing on? -- Okay I'm done with the plagiarism...for now...?
  20. The $2 popcorn is delicious and a good bang for your buck! I still plan on going to a game. Especially since they are going to be at a discount.
  21. This, we'll be lucky to land a 5th now.
  22. Free up the cap space. Thanks for your time here Sanu. Hopefully, you get traded to greener pastures. We should take a 7th if offered for Beasley.
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