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  2. Media hype rules the day. I was kinda cool with the Cleveland on the rise thing for a minute but folks losing their minds over Cleveland and I almost want them to go back to being a dumpster fire. I know some people wanted to fire TD a few years ago but I like TD. He may not always get it right but paired with DQ, when they pick a guy, I usually know why once I put in their film. I love that's. Throw in some pretty impressive cap management and I'm good with him staying even if DQ doesn't right now. Also took balls to go get Julio.
  3. LOL... Honestly, the distance between TATF and the #32 GM is less than the distance between Belichick and whoever #2 on the list is.
  4. He drafted Mahomes & Mayfield
  5. It was 4 in 5 leading up to the Arizona game. He didn’t need to partake in our criminal battering of Rosen but wasn’t great vs the Bucs. But he won several times easily in the Arizona game..But our A gap pressure beat him home
  6. Most excellent!!
  7. I think he had 4 sacks in the last 5 games. All season he was getting there but not finishing. If he played the whole season line he played the last 5 games he’s probably double digit sacks again. Quinn in his ear and his aggressive play calling should push Vic’s game. I’m hoping at least.
  8. I think he’ll sign because the Falcons generally value their players correctly commiserate with market dynamics and they’ve plainly stated how much they want him locked up long term. But make no mistake...if he did make it to FA, he would not want for deep pocketed suitors.
  9. Rankings are solid with the exception of Dorsey. I mean what has he accomplished?
  10. Prescod may be an UDFA. I’m dumbfounded
  11. I suspect he’ll sign a long term deal prior to 7/15. 1) He forced the Falcons hand by taking up $15M in cap space...dollars that could have theoretically been used to acquire other talent. 2) With the FA window pretty much closed though, the ball is back in Grady’s court. Play out a one-year deal with not much long term security while exposing yourself to subpar year/injury or come back to the bargaining table. 3) This feels like a good faith move leading to what I suspect will be a long term deal in the $19M AAV range with substantial guarantees.
  12. You’re right about finishing. He easily could have finished with 7 sacks in his last 7 games. Easily. I mean, even the NO game he could have had 2 sacks after winning the edge easily once and shooting the gap on a stunt on another. Those were clear wins by Vic and he simply didn’t bring down Brees
  13. Passasaurus Rex on him. I wouldn't take him with our third round pick.
  14. It’s so annoying. And ur so right. It’s a sad state of affairs.
  15. The one thing that makes me think that Biden won't get the nomination is not that he's a status quo milquetoast centrist, it's because he's all of that in an old white dude package. The Democrat establishment loves their centrists and warmongers to be sure, but they would rather them come in a bit more of a demographically diverse package like Obama and Hillary. I'm suspecting that's why they are suddenly taking such a shine to Mayor Pete.
  16. Tru-dat. Like the whole NCSU o-line. I’m shocked teams aren’t showing more interest in them.
  17. I wonder where some of the posters on this board would rank themselves on this list. LMFAO
  18. Who do you see as the eventual replacement? Saunders, Oliver, Wilkins, or someone else?
  19. 2017 he dropped a lot. He was also injured. Last season he played below his talents. He spyed a lot in 2016 and that didn’t stop him from leading the league in sacks. It’s a multitude of things. It’s possible he wasn’t responding to his last DL coach. I think he and the 1st one bonded pretty well. Now he has a new DL coach but the main thing is he’ll have Quinn full time on that side of the ball. I know it’s in him. I’ve seen it and the last 5 games he got back to Beasley mode. Heck if he just closed out a lot of the sacks he missed last season he would’ve had about 9/10. I hope he is re inspired this season
  20. You get a big body next to him he might be unleashed for real. Saw what he did in the super bowl. I think he gets doubled a lot.
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