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  2. I bet they’ll look great this weekend
  3. The sticking point for both teams was the second first rounder. Neither had issues sending multiple picks for a great corner who is already saying he will break the bank. They absolutely would entertain a lesser price for a good corner at a lesser salary.
  4. Average arm.. ok minimal range? Good enough for a corner OF No speed.. eh devoid of power.. ok whose K rate increased.. to still better than most we know you hate the guy so of course you won’t mention positives.. so I won’t waste your time doing it for you
  5. Pretty sure he's talking about Ramsey.
  6. If he stays in the NFL I’m seeing DL coach as the most likely scenario.
  7. He did with me a long time ago.
  8. A team that thinks they're a good corner away from a Super Bowl.
  9. I don’t remember them trading away all their first and second round picks though. Rams o-line is god awful rn. Their run game is having major troubles and that’s killing their offense. Rams defense isn’t that good. I can’t see them continuing their success after trading away all their picks.
  10. That's a very good point. Also, there's a new wave of players coming in, every year, not limited to seven draft picks or worrying about contract negotiations. That makes a big difference between coaching in college and coaching in the pros.
  11. You must have not heard what Philly and KC were rumored to give up.
  12. Agree totally. 4th rd pick would be nice but who is going to take that cap hit?
  13. And 24 million in dead cap space
  14. The rams also have a d line already... the falcons need to invest there first.
  15. Eh that's what we said about the Saints and their salary cap management for years too. ***** hard to predict, I do know that the Rams have a really strong roster right now though.
  16. Not with that contract of his.
  17. We don't know what Lindstrom is or isn't at this point. Takk I can agree with. The thing is that we wouldn't be giving up those two, we'd be giving up the future (and potentially a top 5 or 10 pick in 2020). Ramsey isn't worth that on top of having to pay him (especially with all of the heavy contracts we just gave out and being in the cap hole in 2020).
  18. I can actually see him being an excellent college coach, should that be the direction he chooses. College kids would eat up his motivational speeches and slogans and he is a great motivator with his words and could see him being an excellent receivers...I just don't think it translates to professional athletes and grown men long term.
  19. Holy piss, TWO 1st rounders and a record setting contract for a guy with 1 great year.
  20. Those teams are desperate for secondary help and were about to break their backs for Ramsey. Trufant isn't great, but he's good enough for them to stop the leak at the position.
  21. Vic has been such a disappointment. I still think it was a great pick. There was nothing at all that made me ever think he wouldn't succeed in the NFL. Dude just doesn't want it enough. I usually keep an eye on him during games and it's crazy how quickly he gives up on plays versus Grady Jarrett. Jarrett never gives up until the whistle. I've been a big apologist of Beasley's for a while and I finally have to admit that he just doesn't want it. Sadly I think it's going to take him getting cut before he wakes up, if he ever does.
  22. We can't pay him. Why is this so hard to understand?
  23. These guys are connected. One of his bro’s will give him a job even if he has to go back to being a positional coach. also wouldn’t surprise me to see him on tv with his enthusiasm.
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