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  2. Oversimplification has somehow taken on human form Be afraid, be very afraid
  3. He's fast, but is he a bigtime playmaker? Nope. Which is why he went in the 4th.
  4. 15 I think
  5. Those are good points but mine is simply speed is somewhat overrated with RBs. Josh Jacobs went #24 overall in this year’s draft to Raiders and he was like 4.64-ish. Dawgs just took Kenny McIntosh who is slower than Milton. Timed speed and play speed aren’t always the same.
  6. In a game we lost. Now we're comin off a 7-9 season and a 46-50 record in our last six seasons. With Julio beasting on the roster. He definitely hasn't been the key to a Lombardi. But yall ready to sign up for more? OK bro. Madden Syndrome.
  7. What's gradys tag amount?
  8. I made the thread!
  9. I agree. Especially since our offensive line has improved.
  10. Get r done
  11. I believe DK is gonna make alot of Falcons fans happy again.. The Sark experiment was bad, really bad.. Sark should never have been in the NFL much less a OC.. And even more so for the Falcons.. The kindergarten play calling we had with Sark is in the past.. Chill on wanting Shannahan back till you see what a pro OC will do with this team.. Think they will be alot of DK fans coming out of the woodwork after our first game
  12. If the cap is as fake as some here say then he'd be here before June 1st. But the cap is real and he won't be here.
  13. You said 30-32 over four or five years. If that is over four it’s 7.5 to 8 mil a year, if it’s five it’s 6 to 6.4.
  14. I just noticed that Ryan Klesko is wearing his 1995 World Series ring.
  15. Jets didn't pick it up so it's too late for KC.
  16. Every player has clauses in there contract. Those pass rushers aren't gonna stop playing because if they reach certain sack numbers they get bonuses.
  17. And they didn’t even include the SB sideline catch.
  18. Braves are now 14-8 in their last 22 games!! 8-2 in their last 10. That will work!!
  19. Braves win!! Braves win!! Fantastic pitching by Soroka and Newcomb! Great way to start the road trip!!
  20. Thank you for throwing strikes.
  21. Yes!! Braves win! Love it!!
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