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  2. We are officially every teams practice squad. We are like a second bye week.
  3. Everyone like and retweet this. Only way you get heard these days:
  4. This Falcon team is the joke of the NFL! AB must not give a siht about this team any more. Just the dollars y’all.
  5. Bruh this the definition of a get right game for the Rams!!
  6. Will the Falcons ever have a pass rush again? Im really starting to wonder. lol
  7. It’s filled in a bit. It’s most empty on the Rams side really.
  8. That very similar to what you said.
  9. Falcons suck, but while the nfl is a great game and concept, the refs always swaying the game damages it. I’m beginning to find it not worth my time. That roughing the passer call was straight ********.
  10. But we were told on here that a HC don't need to be acting crazy on the sidelines and embarrassing himself and us. That's what we were told on here from TAFT posters,
  11. We should be winning this game. We have so many weapons and abilities to counter whatever a defense is doing to us, save maybe crushing run defense. But we've been running the ball effectively. In fact, that we have been running the ball effectively further indicts Koetter's lackluster play-calling today. Our coaching has mysteriously dropped off a cliff.
  12. The whole league is down! Falcon fans are getting particularly bad treatment but the whole league sucks the Falcons just suck more!
  13. Anybody notice that Hooper has not even been involved in today's offense?
  14. Too bad his coach doesnt give a ****.
  15. No reason to take up for a team that will find a way to lose anyway.
  16. Most, normal, teams would help with chipping the end, but, you know, Falcons gotta Falcon.
  17. AB, is this game the progress you were opining for? Beasley not doing himself any favors today...situation normal, all Beaslied up!!
  18. Where Joe Thomas when you need him.
  19. Yep, I want a HC who has our back. He is a mealy, feckless,spineless HC...imho
  20. I feel like this may be true
  21. It's definitely on purpose. Just flat out not calling obvious calls and making obvious bad calls. The reason the League wants so many judgement calls, you can control the game.
  22. I feel like watching the Falcons is like this:
  23. That is what the film revealed in college too, he has a lot of work to do. Hopefully he turns it around but I'm not holding my breath.
  24. It's a 10 point lead and the Falcons have given up running the ball and are throwing everything 20 yards down field. Thanks Koetter.
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