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  2. Especially when passive is destroying you...
  3. The most important reason to fire DQ during the season is to have our players - most of whom will be around in 2020 for various reasons - can show that the fault was not in them but the scheme. We need to give the new HC video material to evaluate players. Having only material on 16 games of DQ failed scheme has only limited value.
  4. Now that's a load of crap. Again, what message are you sending your troops to intentionally lose?
  5. I highly doubt it happens. I fully believe he could pull it off though. UGA is a desirable job for any potential OC. With the talent they have and the high profile you could easily turn that into a HC job.
  6. The only way we lose on purpose is asking young guys with secure deals to just play bad or coach them wrong on purpose. You think that happens? the ONLY question you have to ask is would the Falcons let Ryan and Julio sit the last 3 games with coordinators supposedly fighting for their jobs...and expect the NFL not to say anything about deliberately not playing their stars that other teams pay to see intentionally trying not to win? Miami made moves before this season started with future in mind. Same as Raiders last year. Those moves don't happen in the last month of the season. Mack and Tunsil were moved before week 1. Get it? There is no excuse for Falcons to alibi themselves and it's just wishful thinking the expect them to try to lose. Get it? I WANT BETTER PICKS TOO BUT THE REAL WORLD ITS VERY SPECIFIC HOW YOU CAN GET AWAY WITH IT IN THE NFL. Meanwhile, a Top 5 pick wouldn't change our terrible coverages. DQ just said reviewing today that Murray was able to throw the ball in under 2 seconds on 19 or 20...yeah. Coverage still sucks so... Also, we aren't even considering injuries! Change the player and lets say he is still hurt this year. Guess what? Draft picks in year 1 aren't drafted to immediately turn around the entire team. You have to have something in place; hence the stop-gap signings. I actually see a lot in the OL moving forward. DL was gonna be a project either way. Better if we cut Vic and signed a vet or two for that $13M truth be told...
  7. I disagree it like being the captain of a ship or president of the United States. Sure there can be multiple causes for failure but ultimately the buck has to stop somewhere. For the product on the field the buck stops with the head coach. For the talent on the field the buck stops with the GM. There is nothing wrong with the talent on the field but that talent is not producing. I could list dozen of things by dozens of people but ultimately the head coach bears the responsibility and the blame. Finally TD is not the kind of GM that just drafts players and tells his coach to work with what he’s got. He always has collaborated with the head coach to build the roster. This has been said multiple times by blank, TD, and DQ. IMO it’s why he survived the Smitty firing and why he most likely will survive the Quinn firing. No one can can’t realistically argue that TD hasn’t put together a talented roster. The fact that the talent hasn’t performed recently especially in light of the fact that many who are underperforming where key contributors during the SB run can’t be blamed on TD. There’s a reason no one but falcon fans are talking about TD getting fired.
  8. Considering it hasn't improved in the last five seasons, it seems unlikely we suddenly flip a switch right now.
  9. This. I remember Raheem ran a very stingy defense when he was in Tampa. I'd like to see what he has to offer as the DC/HC here. Use games 9-16 as the interview.
  10. He fudge up playing man 1 or 2 off and didnt even get his hands on the wr on that play.wr made a play
  11. Dan Quinn will have alot of time to fix things in 2020, it just won‘t be with the Falcons.
  12. Just fire DQ now. Does anyone really expect the defense to improve under Quinn? Try to save the season. I know it would be difficult because of the hole we're in but in my opinion our only hope this year is to fire DQ now and see if one of the other coaches can do something with this defense. Our offense is scoring enough points to keep us in the games if the defense would just improve a little. What do you have lose? Sitting at 1-5, it is possible to go on a run but it's obvious that DQ has no clue how to fix the defense so fire DQ and see if someone else on the staff can.
  13. Man I applauded Schwartz for that in week two. He knew the Eagles didn't match up with the Falcons offense and went down swinging. Got some turnovers out of it and gave his offense a chance. You'll never get fired playing aggressive.
  14. You're not mad?!?!?! Man, I AM!!! With Breesus and Scam out for some period of time, we had a real chance to do some serious damage in the NFCS, and we've wet the bed!!!
  15. Considering the situation inside the stadium - half of the people not even there, another quarter somewhere in the stadium, only a quarter on their seats - a destruction by the hands if the Rams would probably force Blanks hand sooner than he wants. The attending quarter should collectively leave the stadium if the Rams go ahead by 3 scores. There would be no way Blank can not fire DQ after that.
  16. Maybe if players had 'tanked' Quinn would have gotten fired sooner? But to intentionally lose just to get a few picks higher in some draft carries way too big a stench for me. Plus like I said earlier, Ed Oliver (and his -0- YTD sacks) instead of Chris Lindstrom doesn't make falcons any better of a team than it is now, IMO.
  17. It may be too late for him. It's looking like that's a concern for the next HC.
  18. If TD received viable trade offers (up to a 2nd rounder as rumored) and let DQ override him, he deserves some heat. Only Blank knows the real deal on Vic, but as an outsider, no way I'm letting the GM off the hook completely for that. That's just poor roster building.
  19. And... Here is the talking point for his supporters. "He took immediate action against Turkey. Obama would have been afraid."
  20. I realize that we will probably never know the answer to this question unfortunately but do you think Dan Quinn could fix the defense in the 2020 offseason? In 2019 we had to address the offensive line and had to ignore the defensive line. The Falcons could draft a couple of pass rushers maybe get some secondary help in free agency. Cut Vic Bustley and Trucan't. Maybe others. Arthur Blank could tell Falcons fans a coaching change is not needed we'll fix it in the offseason. Make some big splashes in FA to get fans excited and ticket sales back up. Do you guys think DQ and TD could fix the defense in the 2020 offseason? Are there any pass rushers or secondary players that you see that could make an immediate impact you see in the draft or free agency? Your thoughts?
  21. Battle? If we're going there, armies have always given up territory for strategic gain. Hannibal at the battle of Cannae is a prime example. If we return to reality, think of sacrificing a piece in chess or a forcing a jump in checkers.
  22. Exactly, want proof at this point of what Blank is actually saying. The media has been this and that about Quinn getting fired for the past week or so and it keeps on changing.
  23. *Negligently, not accidentally. He knew what was going to happen. We all did.
  24. I am totally fine with Raheem being our interim HC and making a case for himself as the new HC. I also have no issue with his work with WRs, they all look fine. He deserves a second chance in the NFL, maybe not with us long term but maybe for someone else. He has been a good soldier here and is most likely more mature than he was in his time with the Bucs.
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