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  2. I don’t dislike Free, but his time is up. Because of his prior injuries and concussions he just can’t get it done anymore. I have been wishy washy about Free, though. Probably makes me a terrible fan. I will always remember him not missing, but totally avoiding the block in the bowl. At this point, poor Ito might not have much of a running future.
  3. We should have worked Shane Ray out when we were doing good.
  4. Trade Hooper for a 3rd??? Dude that would be like buying an average house in a large community, and over 4 years improving it to the point of it being considered one of the top 5-7 houses in the community and then selling it for what you paid for it... That would make no sense and be absolutely stupid
  5. Agreed, up and down the defense are much bigger issues than RB. None moreso than the DC. I’ll never understand all the freeman dislike in here.
  6. People are blowing this comment so far out of proportion. What else was he supposed to say? Quinn sucks? All he could do was put it on the players
  7. If this is true Blank needs to be tested for dementia. No way is Quinn staying, not sure why anyone even start threads on what some Radiohead is yapping.
  8. The paying fan base would be in open revolt if Quinn returns. Considering how empty that $1.5 billion building has been already, nothing short of him winning out and making a playoff run will stop what’s coming.
  9. I think DFree has heart still. Even though he appears to have lost a step. He knows one more blow to the head and he may not get to enjoy that “good” money he was paid. Dude always ran with his head until now. I am not even mad at him. He is not a huge liability for us like many other areas are.
  10. I predict 6 sacks for Seattle
  11. Both gotta go
  12. Vic could work at it 24/7 and still not do it. His size and lack his of skill set to match his size will never work. Takk talks too much but he way better than Vic. Just goes to show the TD can’t find pass rushers...never has in his 12 yrs as Atl gm
  13. It’s not such a crazy thought. I expect Quinn to be fired. But this is the 2nd coach to deal with dysfunction in personnel. There is one guy responsible for that. Quinn reports to Blank. If he’s been saying “I disagree with the direction our personnel folks are taking,” I could see Blank keeping him and firing TD. I don’t expect it, but it wouldn’t surprise me.
  14. I didn’t see this post as you suggest. It crossed my mind as well about who it could be. Again, if the thread is not for you just move on. No need to “whine” about what you see as whiners. People have a right to fan their way. No hard feelings man. Have a good evening.
  15. This is more true than anything.
  16. LOL, for sure. He may or may not have lost ‘it’ (I don’t believe he has) but peeps in here who question his heart are knuckleheads.
  17. It was. One thing that has been a pet peeve is everyone that made it seemed like the Falcons were the only team to ever use it when he arrived and put overkill on it lol.
  18. I can see it happening but not like this. What's the point in keeping Dan Quinn if you aren't going to keep his scheme? What is the point of having a defensive head coach that doesn't even run his defense? Only reason I see it happening is because this may not be that desirable of a job considering the salary cap and players locked in long term. Guys like Deion Jones that aren't a universal fit for other defenses.
  19. Mike Smith had 7 seasons, but more success spread-out over his first 5 seasons.
  20. To me, the true brotherhood is the fans!
  21. Quinn will be fired this season. Not a question of if but when.
  22. I heard Josh Harris is a huge issue. /purp
  23. Yeah I have been aware for a long time that every organized team whether it be sports or other competitive endeavors use that term almost ad nauseam. I just figured it was really pushed on the team by Quinn as motivational thing. It just seems to me it has pretty much just been paid lip service by most of the team.
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