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  2. **** you Minter and an extra special **** you to our "Manager of the Year" for putting the worst pitcher we have in there once again.
  3. Just what I said.
  4. With the NCAA granting immediate playing time I expect transfers to increase
  5. Ah the bleeder, now the steal. Now we wait for Minter to do what Minter does.
  6. Bet they don't waste a stolen base
  7. I'll cut off my dreads if he has an average season.
  8. What it “seemed” like to you and reality are 2 different things. “Seems” like you excel at drawing false conclusions. The story in the link mentions fans responding to his posts and shows screen shots of their reactions. If you opened and read it then why would I need to repost it? Try Again, maybe your 3rd shot will land
  9. Fixed it Flowers will give us the....................meh
  10. The poster who starts whining about instigative behavior and so on is usually the first to go. Be real dumb to do that if you are on an alt account though. That seems to apply in general. Don't be a ***** or an ******* and you're fine. Definitely don't if you're on an alt.
  11. 2 completely different things.
  12. Flowers will give us the clutch hit.
  13. You shouldn’t care because it doesn’t matter. And, I doubt you actually know what you’re looking at when It comes the management of the salary cap
  14. Deprecating. This guy is borderline practice squad if he doesn't start playing like a 1st rounder.
  15. Open the link. It’s in the story that this thread is based off of
  16. The worst BP and we can't do a thing. Is that 3 or 4 times we've had 2nd stolen and nothing to show for it.
  17. If we can keep it at 1 we have the heart of the order up in the bottom of the 9th for another walk off
  18. Cant find the clutch hit tonight.
  19. Come on!!!
  20. You literally just threatened to have Carter banned because he called out your bigotry
  21. Come on Acuna!!
  22. Ender was safe but he is terrible at stealing.
  23. Charlie was not happy
  24. Do your thing Acuna
  25. Lmao he’s being borderline self-depricating, you’re clueless
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