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  2. It’s gotta be for more than just a first. Anything less than at least three additional picks in the top four rounds including at the least one first, would be giving him away for next to nothing.
  3. One of the most overrated prospects in a while. No way am I trading a proven HOF caliber QB for him.
  4. D@mn bro, you ain't gotta get mad. The bottom line is, people are always trying blame others for Tru being garbage.
  5. Sanu plays with heart I can't say that about too many Falcons. He does a lot of little things. No way I would trade him for an untested 5th round pick. I wouldn't trade him but if I did it would be for a 3rd or higher.
  6. I'm tired. Plus my pops is 93 and bought the freakin $10K PSL after I advised him not to. He's been hangin in there even longer than me. We need rest guys. I started out as a Packer fan in 1966 because they were the team I used on the vibrating NFL game he gave me for Christmas. Bart Starr was my man. Switched to the Rams when I saw the fearsome foursome and Roman Gabriel. I didn't become a Falcon fan until 1970 when pop took me to my first Falcon game. Against the Steelers. We beat em after Harmon went off. At the time I wanted to be a RB so dude was my first favorite Falcon. Followed by Nobis, Claude and many others. Seen lots of good Falcon fans leave this earth since then. Simply trying to get rest. I don't want to be one of em. At this point I would love to see us spark up an as beatin run. I'm talkin a 9-1 run to get to a second season on a streak. Then go 4-0 to get some rest. I know it sounds far fetched but it's possible if we open up a can of whoopass Sunday and stay on that path. We have the tools. Gotta execute. Players and Coaches. The 2019 league looks watered down to me. Primed for an as whoopin. Dimi might need to add a vet corner and pass rusher before the deadline though. Definitely don't wanna see another rebuild. And please Never Tank!!! We've gone on runs before. See 1980 (11-2) , 1991 (10-3), 1998 (11-1), 2002 (7-0-1), 2008 (9-3), 2010 (13-2), 2012 (13-3), and 2016 (11-4). This league is way softer than it was in those days. The only team that looks legit to me this year is the Patriots. We owe them some get back. I'm really hoping Quinn can coach up his defense starting Sunday and get us headed in the right direction. He usually does in the second half, but he needs to start this Sunday in Week 7. Blank needs rest, Pops needs rest, I need rest, you need rest, we all need rest. Coach em up now Quinn or State Line. Dimi and several players too. We need rest now. Not in 2023.
  7. AT THIS POINT, any talks of trading for picks down the road is silly for TD to make, with his future being in limbo. He could be very well be setting himself up to be canned and helping the next guy get off to a great start!
  8. If you can’t secure pass rush what else do we do you defend in a passing league.Hence why I’d be keeping a close eye on these rooks we drafted if you see a future with them.
  9. Just talking about trading Ryan for a first and grabbing Tua. Not an actual deal. Just hypothetical.
  10. Lol .. what the Fuvk ? Tru sucks . If Oliver is a 4 outta 10 Truu is a 5 .
  11. I had a bowl of pho 3 hours ago and I am still miserably and orgasmically full. I want another.
  12. Our Defense wasn't the problem at all. If not for that pick six and remove just one more turnover and we win that game by 10-14 points.
  13. What deal? Did I miss an offer?
  14. Adult Swim produced this dril web project. Just thought everyone would like to know.
  15. Greinke has been shaky this postseason. I didnt realize how bad hes been in October. Career 4.58 in playoff games. He had a good run with LA but he was terrible as a Brewer, Dback and so far as an Astro.
  16. We actually have guys who can beat guys straight up they just can’t finish.Thats a huge issue with VB44 getting ridden round the arc and not squaring his rush off. **** even Takk did it last week beat his guy and allowed Murray to escape. Finishing has been this defenses issue since 2016 among other things.
  17. Who is "my guy" that said that about Alford? I speak for myself on here. I dont have a little group of buddies that I agree with so don't bring other people's opinions into the conversation acting like it has a **** thing to do with me
  18. No sir. This is the same argument you guy brought about Alford. Trufant gave up most of those yards. Oliver may be the reason we're not 0-6.
  19. There you go with common sense, again! UNLESS someone makes us an offer that we just can’t refuse, why would we first off. Second, who knows who is going to be the GM Moving forward so they aren’t going to start ditching talent for the next guy, he is going to try to win as much as possible now!
  20. So long, Mick... Trump, when asked about it, said he did not see Mulvaney’s briefing but that he heard his acting chief of staff did well. “Mick is a good man,” Trump said, according to a pool report. “I have a lot of confidence in him.”
  21. Tua is a terrible NFL QB. I can’t even believe threads like this exists. He’ll be exposed the second he steps onto an NFL field
  22. Oliver gave up most of the yardage to Houston's #2 wr
  23. Man corners aren’t goin to matter when the QB can make a sandwich in the pocket every play. I’m sick of not getting pressure man I want a guy that can consistently beat their guy one on one.
  24. Why would I need to comment and what is muddy about his statement?
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