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  2. LOL. I get information about the Falcons on Twitter before any other site reports it. I follow writers that I like and don't engage sh*tposters who chime in to argue. But the information that they provide in the stories often lead to good discussions with the writers and actual fans. Facebook is a joke. I belong to a couple of groups there but I seldom check in or contribute because for some reason FB people believe the most idiotic fake news imaginable and have days-long discussions over stoopidity. No time for it. I dig TATF a lot. My question is why Pure Football is not a much more robust forum on the boards? It started out as a great idea when we had trolls infecting 2 out of every 3 posts on TATF (no hyperbole intended) but it never really caught on.
  3. It was a dime by MR2
  4. Attending? What? You are welcome. The Reds are tearing up cheap reels from November to March.
  5. ****.... I cant read through all this....can I assume you wanted him?
  6. Gets his head around and he has a chance at deflecting It.
  7. Thanks brother
  8. GoT should have had a Dallas dream ending. Tyrion wakes up with a hangover next to a prostitute before going north in season 1. The whining from social media would have made it completely worth it
  9. Who are these guys and what did they do. Ive only even heard this situation mentioned on these boards.
  10. This is what I was remembering
  11. Im thinking about attending this a spectator....Ive always wanted to go.. Whats the fishing like down there... Are the redfish running...
  12. That was not a roast he was right there with him.
  13. Their research will not lead very far.
  14. Lol. I was hoping for some info.
  15. Its been 4 days. Im still waiting.. I dont think he's coming back
  16. I would attend. Oh wait. What is my insurance? Besides I am 67 and................................
  17. Nobody I trust more than you on Florida recruiting
  18. @PokerSteve @Tim Mazetti Me too....this is as far as I go... Not knocking anyone...but I aint got time for if people do a lil research they might change their minds ...
  19. Watch out for Luck. I think this will be his year as the NFL MVP. Mahomes will still be very good, but nowhere near as great as he was last season. Teams with adjust to him and Andy Reid a bit this season. Ryan will be a strong MVP candidate, but will lose the race to Luck so we won't have to worry about the MVP curse if the Falcons were to make it to the SB. Wentz is the biggest question mark out of the whole QB ranking. If he can't stay healthy this season, then the Eagles will need to look at moving on. If Wentz stays healthy, then he will be in the MVP race no doubt about it. Especially with all those offensive weapons he now has.
  20. Unless we're paying him with MARTA tokens, I don't see how we get McCoy. I bet he goes to a place like Indy, which is another 4-3 team needing a DT but with oodles of cap space.
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