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  2. Better defense means more opportunities for the offense and less the offense has to score. It goes both ways.
  3. IDK, maybe someone that would reply to she-it like that?
  4. What's amazing is that so many people actually believe all the tripe that Mdrake said. Thank good ness there are enough rational people to put Trump back in the WH in 2020. I do hope they try the hopeless impeachment stunt, that will assure Trump's re election. They will show their stupidity the same way they did at the Kavanaugh hearings. They have no principles, only hate, and lies. We have the best president in many decades, he has the economy and stock markets booming, unemployment is the lowest in decades, we are now exporters of oil , and the leftists can do is to spew hate.
  5. That seems like a decade ago.
  6. Andre Dillard OT Sean bunting CB Zach Allen De/DL Chase Hasen LB Beau Benzschawel Ol Anthony Ratliff-Williams Wr Rodney Anderson RB Tj Edwards LB Albert Huggins Dl
  7. Who gives a ****?
  8. Levitre played in 141 straight games, then got hurt, that's not an injury history. And being average doesn't change my point. You can't anticipate both of them getting hurt and the RT regressing. There are very few teams that can replace 3 of 5 starters on their Oline in a season and look good doing it.
  9. I agree, I've had my fill of Dem failures as well.
  10. Lol
  11. Offense has 40 million more of the CAP. Defense needs the resources
  12. But but we have some of the Dems on here saying I need to read her twitter stuff???
  13. And I hope given the events of the past week which were revealed about Ms Sanders that those people feel ******* stupid
  14. If the defense can’t leave the field, you will not see very much of a new OL.
  15. Well, it isn't going to be a Dem. It will be Trump, God willing and the creek don't rise.
  16. Sweat at 14 to replace Vic next year and Simmons in 2nd to replace Grady next year has perfect logic
  17. I wonder if he was even here for "Gurlie to Atlantie"
  18. If this weirdo runs 3rd party, I hope Schultz keeps his word.
  19. Considering she had a meltdown over a comedian at a roast...yes, yes she can be
  20. As crazy as it sounds I'd love Savage at 14
  21. and some of us will be both, simultaneously
  22. And they did it using some outstanding player evaluations in FA with what they want to do. (Seems like.) and attention to all details involved in doing it; Financial, fit and leverage for this deep draft. Just....well, I am impressed. This may be the best off-season in Falcon History.
  23. I realized the other day how happy you were when your POTUS proved not to be a Russian operative. Now that's something that made everyone happy on ABF, no matter what side of the aisle you were on. It's not like some of y'all were rooting for him to be guilty...I mean no F*****g way, amirite Gramps? Oh and everything you just said is...
  24. I'd throw Darren McFadden in that group.
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