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  2. Seahawks and Ravens at 4:25 could be interesting. Defense and QB play will be fun to watch.
  3. Tough day at the office, But I hope Matt's okay.
  4. Who is Matt Smith?
  5. Some teams have quality backup come in and win games like Bridgewater, Allen, etc. We have Matt Schaub, another problem this org never addressed. Something about him holding a clipboard and helping Ice with plays or some she-it like that.
  6. His job. He’s made plays every single game and has tried to overcompensate for others lack of effort. If you’ve ever played a single down of football you would know the impact that has on you as a player.
  7. He won’t be back before the BYE week no matter what. Wouldn’t be surprised if he misses multiple games.
  8. There's several teams out there willing to pick up his contract.
  9. shweitzer and carpenter getting owned so badly the announcers are numb to calling them out...Rookie T gonna be a rookie no surprise there...Mack's age is showing and with out competent helpwe have NO middle Oline....This is horrid
  10. Nice granite. Nice blender. Nice liquor. Nice shot glass. Post a pic of your TV and your woman, please.
  11. Schaub might not survive this game
  12. He shouldn’t have to request it! The New Coach/GM should just Do it! Nobody that was a part of 28-3 remains! Burn it all down!!!!! Then pour gasoline on the flames, then drop a Napalm bomb on the franchise! Then rebuild from a clean foundation after you clear away the smoking, charred debris! And scatter the ashes to the wind!!
  13. Well, this team is absent quality coaching, and a major amount of talent! We’ve got some good hood ornaments but no engine or trannies!! Well perhaps we do have the trany piece covered...seems we do!!
  14. What difference does it make? We couldn’t even score a TD lol
  15. Dan Quinn is basically playing for his job.
  16. But Quinn and TD, great talent evaluators that they are, fixed that... right? Brown and Carpenter? Smdh...
  17. Fox y’all wrong for playing ‘California Love’ into commercial.
  18. Come to my little town of Hazlehurst with a population of less than 5,000. Then will have more people on the Benz seat by game time.
  19. I hate vandalism.
  20. Personally I think Quinn will be happy at Ann Arbor
  21. Yes. Looks like a right knee
  22. Grady is making plays. Dieon is not. WTF is weird about that?
  23. This. He's been in the backfield a ton. 3 TFLs today. Last guy anyone should be bitchin about
  24. Lmao. Prove it man. You are the one who is spewing garbage. He was there in backfield multiple times in face of Gurley. Just like every game and he missed few times. Let’s see the plays he took off.
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