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  2. Kurds gave us permission.
  3. How come no one in any of these rebuild threads ever mentions the terrible scouting department we have at Flowery branch. Does everyone not realize our Director of Scouting, the main guy, the top cheese, came from CLEVELAND? Freaking loserville and the next four in line all behind him came from Washington, Detroit, Tampa Bay, and Chicago, perinnial LOSER teams. yes the coach has to go, but there are a lot of UPPER TIER MANAGEMENT jobs that need to go to, Steve Sabo, Joel Collier, Ruston Webster, and Phil Emry all need to kick the bricks. These dudes have no track record of success in the past and most of these dudes have been here 5 years+ so yes fire Quinn, fire TD but why should these dudes get a pass? Seriously. Time for some front office heads to roll!. Have you seen our o-line? our d-line? Talentless.
  4. Got it. I must have missed where he said that the assistants were calling plays. I kind of turned him off sometime ago. Yea that is a snake move! Never seen a true leader do that.
  5. Jets arent giving up picks. ESpecially for Beasley. lol. And DEandre already knows Vic sucks. Hopefully he wont let Houston make that mistake. lol
  6. I think he was joking. lol
  7. Falcons make history by being the first team in NFL to go five games without a sack. Again excelling at finding new ways to embarrass their fan base. Seahawks win.
  8. Gage isn't going to demand over 5% of the total team's salary cap after this season. And I'm still here if you want to make that 1,200yds and 9 TDs bet. Say $20. we can split it $10 for the yds and $10 for the TDs.
  9. If we were able to trade Duke Riley, then surely we can get something... even if it’s only a late rounder... for Beasley.
  10. I’m hurt by it. I don’t trust the draft here anymore. I’m happy for Sanu. He deserves a shot.
  11. Trade grade is in for this one! Falcons grade: B+Patriots grade: C+
  12. Doesn't DQ have a shirt for this?
  13. Sometimes wasting 8 mil is worth it to send a message that **** play is not acceptable.
  14. Wasting time Talking about tulsi Gabbard and Hillary Clinton's opinion. People need to get over 2016, including both camps and their supporters.
  15. regression to the norm. Wanna make a bet on your math projection?
  16. Good trade, makes plenty of sense and gives us time to evaluate Gage over the rest of the season.
  17. yes the coaching has been embarrasingly bad. Baldy and others are breaking down Falcons game film on offense and defense and showing how the players are so out of position and not sound in assignments that they are defeated before the hike of the ball. Sure they players are a huge part of it but you cannot have coaching this bad and this lack of discipline and I think "Coach Bro" doesn't have enough accountability baked into his regime.
  18. A. You have no clue B. More trades and cuts are coming for sure, but the only way we are going to cancel out a potential Vic signing is with big money signings of our own which will not happen C. Point is, you don't just throw away $8m just because...the correct move would have been rescinding the 5th year option and letting him walk prior to this season. Now we are stuck until the offseason. Why?
  19. Kickoff vs the Gamecocks is at 4. UAB Kickoff is at 7:00
  20. So making assumptions about Hooper maintaining a level of production he has consistently shown this year is ridiculous but assuming the guy who's entire NFL resume is showing up in training camp and one preseason game can come in as a starter and put up solid production is totally realistic. Gotcha. Let's see Gage be able to take a single NFL hit without gingerly walking to the sidelines, getting concussed, or breaking something before we assume he can be our third option. That seems more reasonable.
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