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  2. Something like... We're picking Oliver - that guy is the sh...z!
  3. Now you know that is where the deepest thinking goes on!
  4. Almost every year 3-4 QB’s go in the top-10, and 5 or 6 guys the “experts” insisted would go in the top-10 drop outside it. Not only will Wilkins absolutely still be there at 14, but Ed Oliver could very easily be there. Nobody should be surprised when Murray, Haskins, Lock, and Jones all go top-10.
  5. How many is he up to now?!
  6. Awesome....would love for this to happen. Devin and Jones at LB.....I can already smell top 10 D.
  7. actually i can dig this- he probably does know. at least he didnt say he thought of it while on the toilet..
  8. National guard should be on our border not in a foreign country. Hence national guard
  9. Elk v. Wilkins (1884) a Native person "who has not been naturalized, or taxed, or recognized as a citizen either by the United States or by the state, is not a citizen of the United States within the meaning of the first section of the Fourteenth Article of Amendment of the Constitution" "The United States Congress later enacted The Indian Citizenship Act of 1924 which established citizenship for Indians previously excluded by the US Constitution; however no subsequent Supreme Court case has reversed the majority opinion offered on Elk v. Wilkins including the detailed definitions of the terms of the 14th Amendment as written by Justice Gray. The Elk v. Wilkins opinion remains valid for interpretation of future citizenship issues regarding the 14th Amendment, but has been rendered undebatable for its application to native Indians due to the Act of Congress." So the key to this argument rests on taxation. My position is fully supported on Constitutional grounds and by the case history. Indians are citizens now, but that still leaves an entity, in the letter of the law...a people who are nomadic and untaxed roaming across the land. The fourth clause of article 1, section 9 of the US Constitution specifies that, "No Capitation, or other direct, Tax shall be laid, unless in Proportion to the Census or enumeration herein before directed to be taken." This shows that: 1. We have numerous examples tying taxation to what is recorded in the census; 2. We also have unchallenged precedent affirming that untaxed persons are not to be included in the census. Therefore the question becomes are illegal immigrants taxed? I'd have to look at their tax returns;) But this supports the Trump administration's position of asking about citizenship on the census. If it results in an undercount, it doesn't matter because people with illegitimate fears of answering a census form aren't paying their share anyway. But wait! What if the illegal immigrants are trying to do the right thing and pay their fair share? How do they do this? "Thus, many use the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, or ITIN, which allows immigrants without Social Security numbers to legally file tax returns and claim the income reported on their W-2’s to the IRS." So we have a remedy for everything, Constitutionally speaking. They can pay their taxes, and answer the citizenship question on the census, and be included in the count, and not have a "fear." At this point the attorney in front of Sotomayor would take out a miniature basketball hoop and dunk a little foam basketball in front of her and drop it, and walk away as it clangs off the floor. The Trump administration's position isn't this at all. They are arguing that including the citizenship question on the census will help enforce the Voting Rights Act.
  10. So you're telling me he lied, again, and is using soldiers as political pawns?
  11. Don't judge me but actually going to see Endgame Thursday night so... Praying the Falcons trade up to #1 so I can see the pick then go in the theater! Lol But I'll swing through some of the stuff Friday/Saturday. It's already too nuts here.
  12. Mexican soldiers didn't "pull guns" on national guard soldiers. They stopped the soldiers at a location where there's a section of land south of the wall but still just barely within our border. The Rio Grande is dry through there, with bushes and trees all grown up. They thought the national guard soldiers had crossed into Mexico, stopped them, removed weapons (which the national guard soldiers had M9s), they had a brief conversation and then left. It was nothing. In my stint with the national guard, I worked with the Border Patrol in the El Paso sector for just over a year. The suggestion that the Mexican soldiers did it to create a diversion is just asinine, especially if you're using it as a fear tactic to argue for a wall. There is already a wall there. There is already a lot of advanced camera and sensor systems there. Border Patrol has tons of patrols around that area, air support VERY nearby and can respond to anything at all in that area in a matter of minutes. They don't smuggle drugs through there. It's also very dumb for him to keep trying to mobilize the military for border security. That's not at all what soldiers train for and not at all something soldiers want to do.
  13. Meh ... he can outrun guys, and he's shifty enough to break ankles. I don't think he needs to Ironhead every potential tackler. Nothing wrong with running out of bounds from time to time also. I get it ... he's tough, but he's no good to us on IR. In fact, with his contract he's a giant detriment to us if he's on IR. He needs to make some business decisions.
  14. Gio got calls from 9 teams but reportedly turned away some who offered bullpen roles.
  15. Do I smell a wager??? More are those my old gym shoes I forgot to throw away!?
  16. Yep this but I would give him a c+. People are really under appreciating how much our draft improved once Pioli and Quinn came into town. I believe those two have a bigger impact on our roster and draft than Thomas D does. Sure Thomas can work the numbers but SP and DQ have a much better eye for talent.
  17. I hope it's Ferrell. Very good pass rusher and that dude sets the edge better than any other 4-3 end in the draft. To me he would be the best pick.
  18. That’s what she said!!!!
  19. Here's one analyst's opinion: As Falcons' fans, we might want to nick the guys rated higher, but a #5 ranking is pretty dang good. You certainly have to respect the Pats and Eagles even if you don't like them.
  20. Actually, TD’s record in early rounds has been stellar when compared to other GM’s....
  21. The thing with PFF, unless they changed something, is they evaluate college players based on what they did in college, which is fine, but for the draft they don't factor in who does or doesn't have a skill set for the NFL. There are lots of good college players who don't have the skills to excel in the NFL and there are lots of fairly average college players who have the skill to eventually develop into good NFL players.
  22. If we get Quinnen for a 3rd and a 2020 (as long as its not first round), I'm done!!!!
  23. The Braves' bats are no joke. Gotta work on that bullpen and they should be able to make another (hopefully, longer) post-season run.
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