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  2. This me finding out we just took a cornerback in the 1st round
  3. I believe the league tells the team picking 1st to always let the clock run for maximum drama for the viewers
  4. Must be trying to trade out of it
  5. They probably said that when it first started it wouldn't make it to 2019. In a time where everything is digital, the NFL is TV rankings king and it isn't even close. The league is extremely profitable and will be around a LONG time.
  6. Wtf Arizona make the damm pick
  7. this is starting to piss me off, I'm about to just check back in when it's our time
  8. Annoying me AZ is taking the whole 10 minutes when they already know.
  9. He was talking about the Bengals I think...
  10. The team w/ the 1st overall pick holding onto their pick for the entire clock duration is a real **** move
  11. Raining in Nashville. I'll never understand why you'd have events that large that isn't an actual game held outdoors. Keep it inside and be prepared for the weather.
  12. this is what boomers consider humor
  13. I’m a Bill Murray fan too
  14. "What are you doing with the #1 overall pick, Steve Smith?" "You gotta go on and move up" Interesting choice of words there buddy.
  15. Hope we can get a championship before the ride is over.
  16. Got my tix for Sunday
  17. Big Murray fan based off of what I watched last year. Not sure I believe Arizona will pull the trigger.
  18. I've been concerned about this brass falling in love with a CB and taking him at 14 since the end of the season. It wouldn't surprise me but, I prefer to go in a different direction. I'm fine with whatever they do though.
  19. I think we go Devin Bush and have two elite linebackers for a long time.
  20. CBS Sports app sorry no link
  21. Lol that’s exactly why they offered it. MLS tickets transferable?
  22. NFL wont be around that long.
  23. His a** better be on the real field shaking and baking
  24. Kyler Murray will be viewed as a massive bust in 5 years.
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