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  2. Don't have to like it. Second chance deserved or not. Vick has taken more lumps and done more to rebuild himself than this guy, people are gonna despise him to the day he dies.
  3. So what do you know ‘they’ don’t on the Durkin situation? I have no idea, my guess is nobody here does...but not sure why quinn would bring that drama into training camp. Seems premature so soon after what unfolded last year.
  4. I know a lot of the time the system doesnt work. I also know people react off of emotion and a lot of the time when the facts come out they are no where near as bad as first reported. It happens all the time. I don't know exactly what happened so im not going to judge until it is proven.
  5. Yea, you from the future? Did Drew Brees throw another interception in the playoffs to wrap up another season?
  6. Didn't you just write them down?
  7. Should we be alarmed, or is it to be expected?! Three in one day... Yep, I guess I have to pick up where I left off a few months’s good to be back! Well, hoping this garbage gets the heck away from Atlanta. Dang, we need a witch Dr!
  8. If I’m not mistaken this is the last year of his deal . If he puts together another good year like the last I hope we can give him an extension . He’s a bit long in the tooth so he shouldn’t cost much to lock up . Another 2 years 15-17 mil . 10 guaranteed .. Would be ideal .
  9. You know why, brother. Cause we are all different. What I can’t question is that mans loves and devotion to the Falcons
  10. Did you know that Democrats were racist?
  11. No it wasn't. What Rico lacks in playmaking he makes up for in football IQ. Dude knows his assignment and everyone else's. In his multiple years back there, I can only remember twice when Rico was beaten over the top. It just doesn't happen, Kazee did not and it showed. He is getting his wish and the majority of fans' wish by getting snaps at nickle so he'd be on the field more.
  12. Not a millennial genius, want me to link you to some reading so you can actually do some research or do you wanna continue thinking football is more important than a 19 year olds life?
  13. Neasman really stepped up his game last season. I’m not sure Wilcox would have been an upgrade anyways. Still, I hate to lose him.
  14. Yeah all of those are preventable and people sweep it under the rug because people like you football is more important than player safety. "Go the extra mile" "tough it out", etc. That's how young lives are lost but it's ok because no one got in trouble for it. If I go steal from the store it's ok because I didn't get caught!! Yaaaayyyy.
  15. Almost all scientific achievement was the sole provenance of the west I am very intelligent
  16. I'm going to choose to believe it is real. I can do that in today's environment.
  17. He knows a lot but has a blind spot for TD for some reason. Honestly I dunno why some people are fans of this franchise when all they do is piss and moan and talk crap all day long about it. Move on. Find rest somewhere else.
  18. This could be good news, in that Hageman, Tre, or Odom will get a shot at making the roster now? Before the injury I think it was highly likely they were going to carry 5-Safeties for the first time in recent history. They will now definitely carry 4-Safeties.
  19. millennials just read the headlines and make up the rest of the story in thier heads.. Its what they do
  20. Probably because he ignored the restrictions, which is why a player died.
  21. So you believe the system works? You don't have a kid die and reports of abuse left and right for nothing but ok man.
  22. I’ll say this about my man FFS1970. All his posts have some truth and logic. He doesn’t talk just to talk. He understands the game. That’s why I read what he says. Do I agree with it all? No. But that doesn’t mean he is wrong
  23. Intimidation and bullying.. what football player hasnt experienced both while training? Football in essence is all about going the extra mile, ignoring pain and playing through injuries etc. If you quit you are frozen out of the team by coaches and players. Personal experience on 2 diff teams. Now Im not saying that he is without blame, but why do you fire the coach instead of setting up restrictions for workouts during immense heat? As already stated this wreacks of an overreaction caused by the easy mob liek mentality that rules social media at the present day.
  24. I mean, WTF Papa? Kazee was one of the few bright spots last year defensively. And now he’s being blamed for the suckiness of Richards/Alf/Tru et al.
  25. tfw when you bring the Neighborhood of Make Believe a championship but you don't really care to be there
  26. The story is fake, but when you think of Kawhi it sounds pretty realistic. I say “Apple time Apple time” to myself a lot now.
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