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  2. Yeah i remember. Was a huge fan of his. Which is why i would move up to #1 for him.
  3. The only way the jets trade there pick is to get a 2nd round pick.. this year
  4. That's a terrible trade.
  5. I dont like giving up 1st round picks...if they took a 2nd in 2020 I would do it....
  6. In this scenario I’d go for one of those edge guys. Your losing Beasley gotta replace it with the best talent available at that position being it Allen or Bosa. I don’t see it though off of what’s been said in the TD DQ presser.
  7. Aints are superior at going 7-9. That is it.
  8. If the deal is Vic, our #14 and a 1st next season I'd do it no question. Bring in Quinnen and have ths money to pay Grady long term. Would have a devastating DT combo for years and the rest of the draft untouched. If they ask for more picks this year I'm leaning towards not doing it. Nothing before the 4th.
  9. If your driving around with a qty deemed "intent to distribute"...then your stupid enough to deserve jail time... If they raided his house and found the same qty in a secured location away from the children... then far less sentencing needs to occur. Same with weed. We live in a country where we convict folks of felonies over hardly anything and ruin there lives. Not saying that's more than 25% of the time but the judicial system is a series of metrics and profit. Every conviction of ANY kind is profitably. It's a shame. I had a guy that worked for me that was a defense attorney for 10 years that got out simply Bc he couldn't stomach it anymore.
  10. Another option is for the House to have a vote when they return to censure Trump for his misbehavior revealed during the Mueller report. Force Republicans to say that Trump's behavior was okay. And let McConnell explain why he won't even hold a vote in the Senate, also saying that Trump's behavior was okay with the GOP. That doesn't foreclose on future impeachment, by the way. But there's enough wrong-doing by Trump in that report to censure him.
  11. The whole EO thing comes down to a couple of things in my eyes. 1.Alot on here are worried bout him getting swallowed up in the run game which is entirely possible.But to protect him from that if the offense puts points up teams aren’t running the ball as often.This is why we were so effective with Babs and Jarrett in 16 Bowl Run.They were basically allowed to pin there ears back the whole game because of thee offense putting up so many points. 2.In my own personal opinion I believe EO is a one trick guy if he can’t beat you with his athleticism I don’t really see a plan B with him.Dont get me wrong very few have what he has in the athleticism stakes like very few and that’s cool.At the next level though he has to have a plan.Set guys up and improved hand usage which is all dialed into that first said setting guys up and having a plan. Overall great prospect but if I’m honest I see bust potential there if he thinks he’s going to make a career of just winning with his athleticism.
  12. I wouldn’t go that But to #8, yeah, I’d do that. Atkins was widely regarded as the most unblockable DT in football before his injury in 2013 (guessing about the year)
  13. From the Jets Wire (USA Today): Scenario 1: Jets get Falcons EDGE Vic Beasley, 2020 first The Jets need a pass rusher and could get one at a very cheap price in a theoretical trade with the Falcons. In Barnwell’s mock draft, the Jets would give up their third overall pick, their fourth-round pick and a conditional 2020 draft pick for edge rusher Vic Beasley, the 14th overall pick and a 2020 first-round pick. This trade would be hard to pull off for many reasons, but it actually makes sense for the Jets. Not only would they acquire a solid, young edge rusher in Beasley, but they’d also stay in the first half of the draft and pick up another first-round pick to boot. I wouldn't mind this at all assuming we'd have our choice of Bosa, Williams, or Allen. The fourth round pick makes things very interesting as DQ & TD have proven an ability to find talent in later rounds. Of course you don't want to give up a first next year, but we'd get a Day 1 impact player and potential all-pro....not to mention we'd let go of the dead weight known as Vic Measley. Thoughts?
  14. Love it. I am hoping Quinn can bring back that intensity in our defense. It was missing when guys like Neal went down. Sacks are contagious and the great defenses played with a swagger. That type of attitude that no one should score on them. We need that!
  15. That first picture is dope
  16. Without a doubt. I'd move up to 1 for Atkins.
  17. Would you move up to 8th to draft s 20 year old Atkins?
  18. I loved Geno before The Don (no UGA homer) and i don't even think Oliver will be as good as him. Just my opinion tho.
  19. Vic is soft as charmin bro. This life isn't for everyone.
  20. What year?
  21. HOFs' are indeed rare here. I hope it gets better, but this the Falcons. The Braves kinda helped some for the city.
  22. Oh rascal.
  23. My first ever live NFL game, Fulton County Stadium. It was the night that Humphrey suffered what was believed to be a career ending injury. Everyone was devastated. I still have the newspaper clipping from the next day.
  24. I'm surprised people even put him in the same breath as The Don. He won't be him. He may be a very very good player. And he may even be worth a trade up (I don't think so, but he could be). But he definitely won't be Aaron Donald 2.0. I personally do not want to trade up for Oliver, but I wouldn't cry if we did because he is a trench player and we need that.
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