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  2. No. One. Wants. Beasley. He isn’t good, he’s a bust for where he was drafted. Hopefully Quinn can get his first good season out of him, but so far it’s been a big let down.
  3. Humphrey was a beast, Woody Thompson RB knew our next door neighbor, he got us tickets and got us down in the tunnel after the game in 77 against the Patriots. Humphrey was huge to this skinny 11-year-old kid, the pen disappeared in his hand as he signed my program. Was instantly a fan...even after the trade
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  5. Only VB is at most.worth a.3rd round pick.
  6. Loyal Falcon fan, absolutely. Loyal Falcon fan who happens to be full of #&$@ half the time, indubitably! I am not even convinced he hates TD. I think he secretly thinks TD is hot and when others show him love it upsets him
  7. It looks more and more like a draft pick. If we do that, I won’t be very enthusiastic you can believe that
  8. His only validation is he don’t like how he’s built the team and that’s where the hard headedness comes from. Results be ****ed 70 made his mind up lol.
  9. Dimi is 56-24 (.700) with McKay and Reeve's trench players and 46-50 (.479) without them. What part of that don't you understand Fatboi? Numbers don't lie bro. When he first replaced them with his trench players he started out 18-30 (.375) and got his scouting duties stripped away.
  10. The board has changed their collective minds as always. He was only awesome until the draft.
  11. Math is a real b**ch, isn’t it. I think Taylor Swift says it best...
  12. It’s a pathetic TD deserves a key to the city, not a trip to the State Line
  13. I just looked up all the gm’s in franchise history. Can’t believe he actually complains about TD. Wow.
  14. is this our dark horse starting RT?
  15. You are spot on. In their system, Vic may thrive and people would say what a steal that trade was. Vic + 14 for #3. I like it, bro
  16. saying that holder directing the obama administration to invoke executive privilege is even remotely comparable to the president of the united states ordering white house counsel to fire the special prosecutor is extraordinarily stupid.
  17. Pre-TD we never had consecutive winning seasons....he flushed that Falcons distinction within his 1st two years on the job. And now 7-9 is considered a catastrophe. I’d say we are in good shape. Still amongst the most complete rosters in the NFL. Blank is a savvy businessman. There is a reason TD survived the regime change and will likely survive another if it comes to it
  18. Really.good.chance Bosa, Allen, and.QW are.going to be better than anyone in 20-32 next year
  19. realistically it will take 14, 45 and next years 1
  20. Too late. I did it. Falcons GM records. Frank Wall 1966-1969 12-43 no playoffs Norm Van Brocklin 1970-1974 30-37 no playoffs Pat Peppler 1975-1976 8-20 no playoffs Eddie Lebaron 1977-1981 41-37 1-2 playoffs Tom Braatz 1982-1985 20-37 0-1 playoffs Dan Henning 1986 7-8-1 no playoffs Ken Herock 1987-1996 57-102 1-2 playoffs Dan Reeves 1997, 2002, 2003 51-60 as HC 21-26 as GM 3-2 playoffs Harold Richardson 1998-2001 30-34 2-1 playoffs Rich McKay 2004-2007 30-34 1-1 playoffs Thomas Dimitroff 2008-Current 102-74 4-6 playoffs There’s your falcons GM’s 9 out of 11 had losing records. Only TD and Lebaron had winning records. I’m rolling with TD all day over what we’ve had in the past. I see why you’re so jaded Sheesh you lived thru some terrible gm’d falcons teams. TD is clearly the best hands down Smith lost 4 playoff games so that’s on the coach. No more TD talk.
  21. If Hageman were serious about returning, he should have played in the AAF while he could have
  22. Why don't people trust the mainstream media?
  23. Nah he has to validate his hatred of TD. But the facts remain. Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t. TD is 102-74 as falcons Gm.
  24. The falcons are 32-28 and 3-2 in the playoffs including a SB appearance since reeves and McKay’s trench players were released in 2013 under Quinn and Dimi. Smith is the one that had to deal with those losses. Not Quinn. You have a real ******** way to look at things. Lol. I’ve told you before you go by coaching era. Mike Smith Era 2008-214 66-46 w-l 1-4 in the playoffs Dan Quinn era 2015-current 36-28 w-l 3-2 in the playoffs including a SB appearance TD is 102-74 as falcons GM with 7 winning seasons. I challenge you to post other falcons GM records I’m franchise history before I do it myself Top that old man.
  25. Unlike Atlanta, the Pats have had a.similar.s heme.for like 15 years
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