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  2. What a thought! Going into the Aints game, after just firing our HC --- what an embarrassment that would be!!!!!!!!!!!!! They would be laughing their arsks off...
  3. Sounds like everyone is going to keep guessing each week to try and be right. Don’t be surprised if Quinn lasts the entire season
  4. Yes. it is fascinating especially considering all the levels the sport is played at and here the top 1% cant do it right . I would almost bet they tried pattern matching and they just didnt get it so they switched and now they are bots.
  5. His response to the first question, is seriously disturbing. It goes back to what @Carter (I think it was Carter) who posted what Kirby said after a radio interview, right before the game.
  6. Only if they tear it down to the foundation. New coach, new philosophy, all new front 7 outside of Grady and Debo, purge every front office person associated with SB51, change the uniforms, preferably to those throwbacks with the black jerseys and red helmets, heck get rid of the red and black while we’re at it. It has become patently clear that those colors mean ‘big game disaster’ around here. Make Blank promise to stay off the sidelines, and in the first game vs the Saints one of our new DLs picks up Sean Payton and throws him through a folding table. All of this would be a good start.
  7. Give Miller snaps now
  8. I think Quinn should bench both Trufant and Oliver. Both of these guys flat suck right now. Oliver can't cover anybody. Trufant can't (or just won't) tackle anybody. Give other guys a chance!
  9. Sounds pretty vague to me! What does Blank consider "improvement"?!?!?! I Win? --- 2 Wins? Just closer games?!?!?! Inquiring minds want to know ---
  10. This one is on Ish. Sheffield is in perfect position to pick up the backside crosser. Debo forces them deeper, so any pass is high and to the safeties. But Ish carries a man that isn't his and gets caught where he shouldn't be. His responsibility is the same as Kazee's. If the play was reversed, it's perfectly defended.
  11. Normally he likes to intentionally break something, agree to a deal that's actually ****tier than what's in place, and then take credit for "fixing it." There's no fixing abandoning our allies, losing hundreds of high level ISIS prisoners, and allowing genocide/war crimes to occur. None of his other foriegn policy decisions have been this unspeakably stupid and evil.
  12. Last 4 QBs to play us: Jacoby Brissett: 28/37, 310 yards, 2 TD, 0 INT Marcus Mariota: 18/27, 227 yards, 3 TD, 0 INT Deshaun Watson: 28/33, 426 yards, 5 TD, 0 INT Kyler Murray: 27/37, 340 yards, 3 TD, 0 INT
  13. Pete Carroll had long record as DC and he spent 8 years at USC as HC after he was fired in NFL. Raheem Morris is no where close and I don’t want another rah rah guy.
  14. Definitely not comfortable in wonder we went with man and started getting some stops.
  15. I saying a Bustley and Takkfail sack will win the day for broquinn Falcons!!
  16. I also heard Mort say it's not going to be Arthur Blank that fires him. It's going to be the fans and attendance at the stadium that gets him canned. Yes, it will be Blank that ultimately fires him but you get my point.
  17. A lot of it is very questionable effort from several players all at once. I don't know how many times I've seen this defense just spot drop, COMPLETELY ignore any threat as they worry about getting to their landmarks first then playing football second. You can tell what they are coaching. DQ is trying to simplify it but the players are just turning into robots. It's quite fascinating to see in real time. For instance, simple plays like a third down conversion right after the two minute warning in the first half. It's 3rd & 8. Kazee is lined up inside of Larry Fitz, preventing any immediate quick throw to him. Yet at the snap, he literally turns and heads for the flats at the numbers, not even looking at Larry. He rushes to get to his landmark, just to cover grass, then try and break on Larry. By then, it's too late. He's covering Oliver's zone underneath, when there was no threat there, just to pass the immediate threat that ended up getting the first down easily. Play football.
  18. VEL, my vote goes to Ed Dobbs as GM/President.
  19. Im sticking with TD. He had terrible drafts at the end of Smitty, and then magically had good/better drafts once DQ came on. We drafted 2 idiots from the Senior bowl that Mike Smith coached. Im convinced Smitty and his staff were saying who they wanted and TD grabbed them. 4 worthless LBs in one draft even!
  20. I'm showing some progress on a couple Coors Lights.
  21. Peter Konz was highly rated, Jake, as was Vic. He found Grady. Idk I wouldn’t say he’s good at building the trenches, but he certainly isn’t incapable and McGary and Lindstrom look like future Bowlers.
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