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  2. He couldn’t fix them w the 19 free agency and draft class, so why have faith now? the team is noticeably worse than last years team, which had 25% of its starting roster miss significant time!
  3. That will be poetic justice. Ryan lit up Rams and coach got fired next day in 2016. McVay turned it around, Rams stomp Falcons,DQ May be fired.
  4. Good catch. I was mistaken. I probably was thinking of Means > Reed? point is still valid. Alford started getting less playing time and he was very bad last year. Playing him actually supports trying to lose.
  5. But really, how can we say that with any authority? We don't know what kind of relationship Blank has with Dan Quinn, or how much leeway he will give him, going forward. I mean, if we show any signs of coming back this year, he could be here the rest of this season, and maybe, next! Just a thought ---
  6. Exactly. He knows Quinn is toast, but just giving him a last chance to look like the good boss and also put the team on notice.
  7. These are players that DQ wanted, and beside Neal who is hurt, everyone else is pretty much healthy correct? Last year there were a lot of injuries and the defense played better down the stretch. This year everyone is relatively healthy and the defense can't stop anyone. This is with Quinn getting the full FA, draft, training camp, etc... to work with. I don't see any reason to think that Quinn can do better than what he is doing now beside being lucky. I mean it's not like he had a lot of adversity to overcome this year.
  8. Kirby won’t dump Coley after one season imo unless the offense stays in the tank. The tape will show pretty clear evidence of players just not executing in that loss. Plus we have dealt with injuries, so it may not put him directly on the hot seat. I was told Kirby got pretty hot at Coley, but that is to be expected with an ultra competitive guy like Kirby who hates to lose infinitely more than he likes to win.
  9. Pretty much this. Embrace the suck...reverse the "28-3"...make playoffs at 11-5 go on run of lifetime with 10 sacks and 5 TOs out of this defense enroute to Matt Ryan throwing 4TDs every game. SB...
  10. Actually they didn't bench Alford for Oliver. Oliver got a little more playing time but Alford still had a majority of the snaps. Oliver got about 20 snaps a game where Alford was still getting over 75% of the snaps. Now if Oliver had been getting 100% of the snaps maybe he plays better this season.
  11. He knew what was gonna happen, and now he's leaking ******** to the press suggesting that it might have been the result of his incompetence rather than a willing betrayal of an ally, while the GOP blames the Democrats for starting impeachment proceedings. They're obfuscating just for the sake of making it more work to know what had been obvious, that he intentionally created this situation.
  12. The one intriguing argument for Raheem is that he has worked on both sides of the football. That should not be underestimated as with DQ it became crystal clear that he has no clue whatsoever about offense. He even made that official by essentially removing himself from anything but „his“ defense. Also I kind if like giving a second chance to him because he didn‘t fail in Tampa because of failed X and O but because he just wasn‘t ready to be a HC.
  13. True, but by that point, it might not even matter if he had a copy of their game plan.
  14. Reading the press clippings?
  15. Yeah. I mean at this point Mortenson is saying the exact thing most of us are thinking. Gotta hear it out of Blanks mouth
  16. he knows the Seahawks better than an interim coach does.
  17. I mean guys what did you expect him to say? He's not canning him now. Makes no sense before the bye week. If they look absolutely inept the next two weeks, he's obviously gone. But right now he's coaching for his job. The next two weeks are auditioning to coach beyond the bye week. After that, it's coaching through the year. End up with a winning season and he'll be back because that will be VERY impressive.
  18. yeah, I thought about that as well - remembering what @Carter said. That is some messed up sheot if players cannot get their F-ing heads in a game. You only have like 13 games per year - I would think there should be no trouble getting up for all of them.
  19. You’re spot on w Franklin. His value as a recruiter greatly outweighs some of the dumb **** I have seen him try as a coach. Just wish we could line the QB up under center once and a while. hopefully he has now seen enough of Noah Cain to stop messing around with this 4 back rotation and feed him the ball. He runs with purpose...definitely gonna play on Sundays. love the front 7 talent, still not in love with the DB group though.
  20. Lol. His last game as a head coach of the Falcons will most likely be getting torched by Pete Carroll and the Seahawks ironically. After the game Dan will probably ask Pete for a job back with the Seahawks.
  21. If we get curb-stomped by the Rams I just don't see how Quinn will make it to the Seahawks.
  22. There’s always that one game we just don’t play well in for whatever reason it is. This year maybe just so happened to be a 2-3 South Carolina team. I hope anyway. Hope we don’t see that kind of piss poor game again. We’re obviously not as bad as we looked Saturday. Perhaps more importantly to note though is we’re maybe just not as good as we thought. Tough pill to swallow.
  23. Deshaun Watson also came back to Earth after his historic performance against the Falcons by throwing 1 TD and 2 Int against the Chiefs.
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