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  2. I expect any all CBs with any promise whatsoever will be gone by the end of the 3rd round. If we want a CB that can do jack, we’re gonna have to trade back up. Would’ve been nice to have a third round pick instead of wasting it to pick a third round prospect in the first round.... to answer the thread though, this draft gets incredibly weak following the third round prospects, so I’ll go RB, WR, DT, DE, and whatever for our last two picks. I say RB and WR because those two positions actually have depth and guys of value in those rounds compared to other positions.
  3. He'd be beloved by wfw if he was R and big dog would love him if he was R or D. That's where we're at now.
  4. Squirrely Bob, you and most of the other Lemmings on here told me back in December, that we would be in a recession due to Trump's tax cuts. You were wrong again, but what's new with you? WASHINGTON—The U.S. economy roared back in the first quarter, growing at a rapid pace despite multiple headwinds. GDP, the value of all goods and services produced in the U.S., adjusted for inflation—rose at a 3.2% annual rate from January through March, the strongest rate of growth for the first quarter in four years. Compared with the first quarter a year ago, the economy grew 3.2%.
  5. knowing TD he will trade 3 picks to get back into the 3rd for a CB id prefer a passrsusher but it probably wont be they dont seem keen on fixing that
  6. Watching the TD post draft interview I got the impression that we missed out on 'our' guy. Either he didn't fall (Wilkins, Jonah Williams or Bush) or a pre-arranged trade up didn't materialise (Detroit for Oliver). Lindstrom felt like the fall back option but they obviously like the guy and didn't think he'd be there in the 20's.
  7. good post. Only thing I will disagree on is Lindstrom will be a Day#1 starter - YES, he will have to compete for it but he will be a Day#1 starter - very confident there. Jamon Brown and James Carpenter - the best of those two will be the other starter and the one that loses out will be the "Super Sub" - Falcons haven't had a lot of luck staying healthy on OL - so now we have adequate depth to sustain an injury or two.
  8. McGary at RT concerns me. His pass protection is questionable. Everyone says the picks will protect Ryan. The only way I see him protecting Ryan early in his career is by his run blocking. If they run well Ryan won't be asked to do so much. What do you think?
  9. Definitely too thin at CB. I'm hard pressed to think TD stands pat without any day 2 picks.
  10. I responded with another question to show you it goes both ways but since you wanna lick markers I'll play. Houston 5 games missed in the last 2 years. That's hardly "injury concerns". And how was I wrong about Freeny playing in a 4-3? We run a 4-3 do we not? So he played well in a 4-3.
  11. That doesn't inspire a lot of confidence.
  12. As in the past, you won't answer.
  13. He is a OT for Washington. This is Auburn offence vs Washington Defense.
  14. That is not unusual for QBs as they are often overdrafted. Other positions are pretty predictable though. Other than the QB Jones, Falcons picks and Ferrell, I think most picks were pretty inline with their predicted range..
  15. Quinn is excited about the position battle that will take place in camp. Quinn said the best man will start. Quinn and TD said they are prepared for any FA to be a backup if it comes down to that. They both said they are more comfortable about the depth situation this year versus last year. They feel they had to jump on the best and more prepared olinemen early. Oline was and is priority.
  16. agreed. If DQ can get a little more out of Vic and Takk - say 20% more production from those guys - and with Clayborn/Crawford helping w/ passrush duties and Davison/Senat sharing run stopping duties - we should be OK there if we can stay relatively healthy. Who knows? maybe Hageman re-ignites his career and develops - maybe we get lucky there. Next year, both Defensive Line and Cornerback will be positions of need most likely - maybe Linebacker as well. I fully expect Quinn/Dimitroff to unearth at least ONE more really good player with our remaining picks - just look at Foye, Kazee, Campbell and Grady - that is a nice resume' of Day#3 picks turned into viable NFL starters.
  17. we temporarily fixed out de and dt position with some 1 year contracts but our depth at cb is horrible. right now if anyone gets hurt were screwed. we have to get another cb. with that in mind, is there A. a fa cb that we could sign with our limited cap space that could fill in for trufant or oliver should one go down. B. any of the 2nd/3rd round rated cb’s that could fill the role gonna drop to the late 3rd early 4th round? ie layne, love, bunting, johnson, joejuan? i just cant see us not addressing this position?
  18. I get what you are saying. My point was that we all wanted OL and we got it. And let's see how these guys play out, maybe they are worth it. None of us here on this board are experts, if we were, we wouldn't be posting on a fan board. Maybe they are thinking they can move Lindstorrm from OG to RT, I am not sure. I do know that in college a lot of these OL guys play different positions. It we had gone defense with these picks, everyone would have chirping about not addressing the OL. I bet they move up in 3rd and get a safety, LB or CB. The draft is just 1 round old, we got 6 to go!
  19. Those were top level SEC defensive players for very good defenses. These are top level Pac 12 and ACC offensive linemen for teams that don't play tough defenses and weren't even good offensively. Nothing similar to really draw from it aside from round projections imo. Hopefully it works out.
  20. O-line has been fixed, the biggest hole now is the edge pass rushers followed by CB and DT.
  21. 4th - CB & LB (Isaiah Johnson and Vosean Joseph) 5th - DE & DT (Jamal Davis & Daylon Mack) 6th - CB & RB (Jimmy Moreland & Elijah Holyfield) 7th - WR (Terry Godwin)
  22. I like how you dodged the question and also dodged the fact that you were wrong about Freeney playing in a 4-3 lol...
  23. I'm no expert on college football but Lindstrom looks like a stud to me. If we come out with a pro-bowl guard and a decent starter at right tackle out of this draft than how can anyone say it's anything but a massive success? Basically have been looking to shore up those positions for what seems like forever. As far as spending too much on the line in free agency, we didn't sign anyone to a monster contract, we signed one vet that seems like he can be a decent left guard for us and another that seems like a project at right guard, both to short term deals with little cap penalties after year 1 if we choose to cut them. I don't see the issue here. Clearly Brown will compete for Lindstrom for the starting job and whoever wins will likely be a massive upgrade over what we had last year. McGary seems like more of a project so it's completely logical we have Sombrailo out there to start with the hopes that McGary can take over within the next two-three years. Either way, we now have more depth at o-line than we've ever had with the potential to be building a line with three or more pro bowl caliber players. Also, RIP Fusco and Wes... ye shall not be missed.
  24. Didn't want it to happen. That would be the biggest shock to me, as the title of the thread reads...
  25. Good points. Vastly disagree with the Hageman part. Good players don't get cut, at least not usually. The guy was always an experiment and it failed. Bringing him back tells me that we are worried about DT because that is a Hail Mary move by the FO. Which brings us full circle with the Dolphins potentially snagging our guy. Hitting on late picks is fine, but why mortgage higher selections rather than later ones? If they do trade back into the second or third, the team just keep borrowing draft debt for seemingly no reason.
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