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  2. Doesn't DQ have a shirt for this?
  3. Sometimes wasting 8 mil is worth it to send a message that **** play is not acceptable.
  4. Wasting time Talking about tulsi Gabbard and Hillary Clinton's opinion. People need to get over 2016, including both camps and their supporters.
  5. regression to the norm. Wanna make a bet on your math projection?
  6. Good trade, makes plenty of sense and gives us time to evaluate Gage over the rest of the season.
  7. yes the coaching has been embarrasingly bad. Baldy and others are breaking down Falcons game film on offense and defense and showing how the players are so out of position and not sound in assignments that they are defeated before the hike of the ball. Sure they players are a huge part of it but you cannot have coaching this bad and this lack of discipline and I think "Coach Bro" doesn't have enough accountability baked into his regime.
  8. A. You have no clue B. More trades and cuts are coming for sure, but the only way we are going to cancel out a potential Vic signing is with big money signings of our own which will not happen C. Point is, you don't just throw away $8m just because...the correct move would have been rescinding the 5th year option and letting him walk prior to this season. Now we are stuck until the offseason. Why?
  9. Kickoff vs the Gamecocks is at 4. UAB Kickoff is at 7:00
  10. So making assumptions about Hooper maintaining a level of production he has consistently shown this year is ridiculous but assuming the guy who's entire NFL resume is showing up in training camp and one preseason game can come in as a starter and put up solid production is totally realistic. Gotcha. Let's see Gage be able to take a single NFL hit without gingerly walking to the sidelines, getting concussed, or breaking something before we assume he can be our third option. That seems more reasonable.
  11. Is the purge really an issue now would you want to keep these guys.I think now the events that have unfolded have just bought it to a point.If we are 6-1 the whole narrative changes. Best thing possible now is to try and trade another piece or 2 if we can take them and run with the draft picks and reload. If I’m AB I’m firing DQ and possibly TD after the Seattle game and starting my head of the new regime positions now not at the end of the season right now. PS I’m firing everyone on the offensive and most of thee defensive staff at the end of the season.Jeff Ulbrich is the only coach I like all the rest can keep coming rocks.
  12. good dude, good player. Wish him the best.
  13. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^THIS!!!!
  14. Nothing but the best for you brotha. You're getting what you deserve today! Thank you!
  15. What's so good about goodbye? All it does is make you cry. You are One of the few Falcons who played with heart. You never complained you just did your job. We are going to miss you. But hopefully you are going to a better place.
  16. A. People are not blind. he will get 1 year 5 mil somewhere at best. B. More cuts are coming I'm sure. Is your plan to fill half the roster with UDFA's? C. I Don't disagree but I haven't seen a single benching just yet.
  17. Why would we trade Tru? He's the only average/above average CB on the roster...
  18. Not gonna lie I hated him because they cut Roddy for him.... but I quickly started to love the dude... this one is a hard loss.
  19. Let's hope he can get his health in order right away. As great of a coach as he is, he seems like an even better person. I wish him the best!
  20. Watching Sanders(and a 5th) get traded for a 3rd and 4th...... makes that 2nd rounder look even better
  21. That's the current pace of his production. Does math scare you?
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