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  2. As nice the safe pick is that's how you get Matthews instead of Donald. I love Matthews and we badly needed a LT but man we missed out.
  3. I don’t think these refs today know what traveling is
  4. Braves decided against extra rest. Teheran on Thursday. Fried goes Friday and Folty starts Saturday.
  5. We got a good kicker. I like tevechio, reminds me of Jason Elam.
  6. Yeah maybe. I like the safer pick in most instances - and this one.
  7. AND the foul! Good one my friend! He did travel....a bit.....but the refs don't call that any more.
  8. If they draft him at 14, that's obviously the expectation the FO has, that he'll be collapsing the pocket on passing downs.
  9. To me Wilkins is the safer pick but Dex has more potential.
  10. Just want a guy that creates havoc and on field A LOT on passrush downs. I believe Wilkins is better suited for that role and we can keep using guys like Tyler Davison this year as run stuffing specialists.
  11. Taking D. Lawrence feels like 2014 offseason number 2.
  12. There is no happy ending there
  13. He may get 8 but I doubt he ever sees 10.
  14. Yep. The move away from the psychopath at QB changed the entire franchise. It was done in a very classy way......"I'd take him at three." AND..................... all is well since. No more sub-80 IQ players?
  15. LoL 8-10 this year watch. Trying to get paid.
  16. Hey speaking of meaningful exchanges on this board, I remember something about your saying that research showed that the Democratic Party has moved left and @achilles return pointing out that the research you cited also asserted that Trump was the most moderate 2016 candidate or something like that. I wanted to look at it sometime if either of you remember what I’m talking about.
  17. He already wants Aaron Donald money, plus he won't ever see a 10 sack season so you can forget him ever getting close to Donald numbers
  18. some fights are worth having.
  19. Lot of cheese for Franky. He needs to lead the league for a few years. Wowza!
  20. Yep, it’s why I give Clemson the slight edge regarding the 4-3 compared to 3-4. He grew up a UGA fan and I think that will keep us in this thing to the end, hopefully with us on top
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