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  2. Definitely some bad contracts however I think we could get the right coach in here to turn things around!
  3. It's arguably not.
  4. In my eyes when it comes to drafting the GM is only going to be as good as the people and messaging the HC gives him. Its a collaboration all in all in my eyes poor drafting is never on one person. Much the same as on the field individually who cares.Team first I see much the same in the draft process.
  5. And one of his solutions is to let assistants call more plays? State Line.
  6. Chase Young is who we desperately need. If he’s not there, Derrick Brown and Isaiah Simmons could be game changers for us too. Just anyone who can disrupt the passing game. Either a player who can after the QB, or a player who can lock down a chunk of the field. I’d prefer it be an Edge guy since we haven’t had a consistent pass rusher since Abraham.
  7. Me too, think it was Game 6. Fun time until Atlanta Atlanta'd.
  8. I just glad it wasn't his left ankle! He basically has 3 weeks of rehab since he had surgery today, so I am hopeful!
  9. My ears are actually a little smaller than normal I think. I have seen quite a few dudes that could be on the cover of mad magazine though. I have no explanation for you. Cheese is good?
  10. In short, he's wrong. And he will be fired in large part because of it.
  11. Still has alot more talent on this team than Smitty has ever had on any team. He is better at picking and developing players. Aweful at clock management, team discipline, and managing tos.
  12. Senat and Ollison being benched is another mystery.. Itll all come out sooner or later, but it will come out
  13. It’s ok brother I wouldn’t expect you to identify something such as the value Sanu brings
  14. My feelings exactly.
  15. Lol you’re full of ****. GG. I know it’s time to get off this site for the night
  16. Too many ex-head coaches. Quinn is probably lost in the sauce looking for answers instead of owning this teams performance. Too many Chiefs, not enough Indians...
  17. I agree. They looked promising. It was almost like that game punt just broke them
  18. Hyped. Think they dropped Illinois because they were looking ahead. I hope they come out pissed and play like it.
  19. nah I’m talking since 2016, like I said in my other post it’s not as egregious as some others on the roster so I don’t rag on him much
  20. It's not even the play today, he been deflecting passes for ints all season. I seen this story every week and have come to expect this bad habit of his. One thing I cannot tolerate is dropped passes that hit you on both hands. He should not be featured and should just be a run 10 Mill run blocker.
  21. Well he has lost the fans and the team might lose him because of it. I like DQ but you cannot dismiss the suckage week after week.
  22. Forcibly removing children from their parents and placing them in dominant culture households, as shown with the adoption stories, constitutes as ethnic cleansing. So, you tell me.
  23. Not only this, but he also has players under horrible contracts that almost guarantee no competitive coach will want to come in and try to win with this team.. Quinn is actually brilliant
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