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  2. "**** our allies that helped defeat ISIS!"
  3. Outside of taking over Jimmie Johnson's roster to win the Cowboys last SB, Barry Switzer did not have much success in the NFL. Tom Landry never coached in college. He retired as a player for the Giants and became their DC before becoming Cowboys HC. Pete Carroll was a former 2 time NFL HC before becoming HC at USC.
  4. The thing is, Vic has the athleticism and strength to set the edge and play the run well. I've seen him do it. As with pass rushing, it's his lazy effort that is a problem. He's capable of doing it, he just won't give it sufficient effort to develop it consistently.
  5. Ok now do something about Ishmael, Vic, and Campbell now.
  6. I have the strange feeling that we are gonna beat the rams
  7. Yeah, same here. I'm watching the games, but only for the free beer, nood table dances and TATF camaraderie.
  8. Matt Bryant missed that kick on purpose... "With the first pick in the 2020 NFL draft, the Atlanta Falcons pick..."
  9. If already posted, my bad. Mortensen of ESPN said that Blank said he must show improvement by week 9 or else...
  10. We'd have the worst QB Rating allowed in history if not for Miami. I think we are around 117, but they are in the 130s.
  11. When has TD ever traded down in the first round? The whole exercise is chaos theory since there's no way to know/prove where we would be if we'd selected in a different position. All we know for sure is that we took a guy who showed signs of greatness, only to get seriously injured in his first game. After 2016, Atlanta looked like it had nailed the Beasley pick. Circling back to Mark Sanchez, after his consecutive AFC Championship appearances, everyone thought he was the next great QB. The Falcons have even had this happen fairly recently. Peria Jerry looked like a stud in camp and was in the backfield a lot his two games. Then, he hurt his knee and was never the same. People fetishize high draft picks like they're magic beans. The reality is that it takes 53 guys. But any exercise that involves woulda/coulda about last year's draft should begin with an acknowledgment that Atlanta took a fine-looking player who immediately went down for the body of the season.
  12. The only thing that would boost the crowd Sunday is being able to see a 150% healthy Todd Gurley
  13. Vic our pass rush specialist and Tru our #1 CB... Look no further as to why we can't get off the field on 3rd downs. (Also checks on Neal's replacement and tackling/YAC stats, yep) I've noticed Foye spelling Debo a few snaps so far this season. Pitch count or protecting his foot? I've also seen Campbell play Vic's spot at "OLB" in the Base D. This front is better vs the run but Tyeler would've been just fine at 1T and Grady at 3T in base in the old 4 man front. The issue is we don't have enough DEs vs the run??? Bailey and Cominsky, even Takk, gotta be good enough on run D to let us go back to 4-3 and get Foye on the field more and Vic pushed to less snaps. What could hurt?
  14. That’s what YouTube and All 22 is for. Technology has came a long way since the 80’s
  15. Sheffield was always in the right place in the preseason, too. Just didn't turn his head to play the ball. Oliver has been out of position so many times but those are mental errors. He was in hip pockets vs the Cardinals, but gotta finish with his length on a couple of those bombs he gave up. (One was the questionable sideline catch and the other was the fumble that was not overturned into a fumble) Sheffield went mostly vs Fitz. Give him meaningful snaps outside like Quinn is saying. I like it.
  16. Nothing to discuss. They have no marbles.
  17. Yep. Plays a totally passive game. Even in run defense. He's avoided contact like the plague in a scheme that demands physicality. Think about that. That's why I'm for scrubbing this whole thing. DQ deserves a lot of the blame for allowing these things for so long. Tru should have been on a very short leash after that Browns game but because he was the "#1 CB on the team" he was allowed to keep going. All of this set precedence to what was allowed. Now it's snowballed into a problem I don't think he can correct.
  18. Aren't we also challenging MIA for worst QB rating allowing in history?
  19. No one said every year, but he's absolutely someone expected to become an All-Pro. Any OG who goes in the top 20 of the draft is, unless it's just a horrifically thin year.
  20. Miami is currently at 50% According to Pro Football Reference, no team has finished a season at over 50% since they started tracking this stat in 1991. Discuss.
  21. He has been afraid since that injury...
  22. A red herring? We have 5 sacks on the season lol
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