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  2. Ideally, trade back and then package picks to trade back up into the 1st, but I doubt that happens. More likely is a trade up on Day 1 and/or 2.
  3. Impact player dominant DT 2 picks this year and one next year ..... pull the trigger he’s the best Defensive prospect at a position of need. Giving up a 2/4 and a 2 next year would be OK since we don’t plan on using all nine picks we could end up with Quinnen 3rd 4th 2 5th’s 6 and 7
  4. Have to admit I had a moment of panic when I saw "Neal" and "lock up". He got arrested? Oh ###, then I realized what you meant.
  5. Subpoena his ***
  6. That’s more like it
  7. You know, I really don't enough to say who they should draft, or where, I just want them to get it right. I think a stud DT that can both clog lanes in the run game and get to the passer on 3rd and long makes the most sense., but that may not be possible even moving up.
  8. I'm juiced! Just finished my final round one mock. Now to finalize my Falcons 7 rounder.
  9. I see what you did there!
  10. What’s the name of the thread with the Wheaties box?
  11. we don't NEED any position that badly which is why I think we NEED to let the draft to come to us. But happy trigger Tom probably has other 'urgency' plans
  12. I feel the same way we should finish with at least seven picks out of which three or four should have immediate impact. I do believe they plan on trading up in the second or third -in the 1st we stay put and take the best available RT. Sambraillo Play well the last four games of the year but that’s a small sample size
  13. The TATF way.
  14. I don't think the Broncos let go of a future starting RT. He did good in the run game but not really as a pass protector. He's going to need help. They need a better RT if they are serious. I think they know this. We'll see tonight.
  15. There’s little doubting Wilkins character and I’d actually happy to have either or
  16. I do, in order for us to compete with the saints and panthers we must have a dominant Oline. The saints humiliated us the last 2 season because their dominant OL neutralized any pass rush that we had. We need an OL that can neutralize their pass rush as well as some really good corners to cover their weapons. I would be happy if we got Greedy Williams and traded up and took Chris Lindstrom or if we took Cody Ford and either Rocky Yasin or Isaiah Johnson.
  17. Smoke check/draft day - we are now linked to Oliver, 2 Williams, Wilkins, Bush, Greedy...any other names? Kinda funny we are not related to any OL
  18. I think ... mark my words LOL... that we will trade up into the top 10... that way we can secure a DT (Wilkins/Oliver) or an OT (Taylor/Dillard) .. depending on how the draft falls... This is a safe way to get a good day 1 started in a position of needs.
  19. Well this is already going well.
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